Friday, February 10, 2006

Miss Cleo or is that Miss Oleo?

I'd like to toot my own horn a little bit. I am the possessor of many valuable talents! Besides being humble, I can sew and cook and wash underpants and I have psychic abilities.

Yes, I am your psychic friend.

I can't exactly channel any dead people. I'm sorry about that. What I can do is foretell the future! Let me give you some examples of things I've predicted with uncanny accuracy.

1. I predicted the unfortunate end of the Newlywed's marriage when Jessica Simpson questioned her tuna. It has come to pass.
2. I predicted marital troubles between Britney and Kevin upon hearing of their Pimp and Ho wedding. It has come to pass.
3. I predicted that Dubya would come forth with terrorist foiling successes when the NSA scandal erupted. It has come to pass.
4. I predicted that the "Rachael", Jennifer Aniston's famous hairdo, would fall from fashion the day after every woman got the cut. It has come to pass.

I can see you sitting there, with one eyebrow raised, doubting my abilities! Well, Thomases, let me make a prediction right now...

Sixteen years from this time I will have a young lady in my home. She will be very fond of my youngest son. In an effort to bestow comraderie and fellowship with her I will show her this photo:

And then my son will be embarrassed because we will compare his infant bum to his teenaged bum.

Doubt no more. It shall come to pass.


  1. Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD!
    I can positively smell the gooey baby yummyness of his skin, I really can!

    I don't know how you could leave him there long enough to take the picture without scooping him up to just squoooosh him...

    I DON'T WANNA BE DONE :( :( :(


  2. AWWWW baby butt cute!!! I have lots of blackmail pictures of my kids and they are teenagers now mwwhahahaha! Its almost time to bring them out.

  3. You'd do that? Mom's are so embarrassing.

  4. Girls might not mind their Moms doing that with their baby pictures (I don't know - we have two boys & I didn't have sisters) but I don't think your son will like that very much! But, they sure are cute pictures. I have one of out boys on the beach in front of the house and the oldest one, probably four at that time, is naked. He was more comfortable without his clothes on.

  5. Of course you will. Doesn't everyone have one of these somewhere?
    That chubby little butt is too cute. Even I had a twinge of "Awww, I want another one." Then it went away.

  6. What a GREAT picture. Love it!! Whew, I've been looking for a new psychic, NOW I've found one. LOL!

  7. love, love, love it. When we take naked pictures of our little guy, hubby covers his little boys. He refuses to let me have any blackmail pictures. He does concede and give me tushie pics, though.

  8. Ah, yes. I like to butter the biscuits and eat them up, yum. *crunch*

  9. Totally unfair!

    Love your new icon, by the way!!

  10. Baby bums... gagk! is there anything cuter?!


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