Thursday, February 02, 2006

Puxsatawny Phil is a furry little weenie.

Six more weeks of winter my ass.

I hate snow.

When I was attending Southern Utah University I had the pleasure of paying my money for an enviromental science class. The class was titled "Advanced Sewing Techniques". The professor loved winter and loved snow and LOVED skiing. Needless to say we got along as well as oil and water. I did like the woman, really...even though she didn't understand that I didn't want to sew clothing to be worn traipsing around the great outdoors. Polar Fleece is not a lifestyle.

Her hobbies naturally divided the class into two factions. Snow Lovers and The Unworthy of Consideration Because You Don't Like Winter. The first noticeable divide came when I declared, unprovoked, that I disliked snow. A fellow classmate, a young man who loved snow so much he'd marry it, asked me why in the hell I lived in Utah then? I replied that, amazingly, Utah had good warm weather in the summer. I did not pull an A out of that class.

One of the reasons I like living where I live, in Nevada right on the Utah border, is that we get cold weather but we don't get much snow. We do not own a windshield scraper or a snow shovel. A couple weeks ago four inches or so came down in big fluffy wet flakes which melted by the end of the evening. This is normal for us snow-wise. This winter has been odd in that we didn't have days on end where there was no snow but horesfrost which covered everything in thick glittery layers.

I'm so ready for spring and green weather and wearing shorts. I vowed that I'd lose this pregnancy weight and be back into my shorts by summer and darn tootin', I'm almost there! Since December I've lost three inches off my waist and two from my hips and about nine from my chest. No, I haven't measured to see how many inches I've lost (or is it gained?) from my head.

I should sew groundhog sized bikinis.


  1. I will put this out there unprovoked--I love winter and snow, but HATE being cold--go figure.

    Congrats on the loss of inches! Green eyed monster is rearing its ugly head.

  2. I'm from New Mexico and we do snow there about like y'all do it in Bendover (huh huh he-huh she thaid "do it in Bendover" huh HUH huh!) It snows but is gone before the novelty of it wears off.

    Happy Valley, Utah baby...ain't no novelty left!

  3. Praise jesus, girl, I love your posts!! (that might be code for "tits", but I'm not sure/telling)

    Also: thanks for the Gameboy idea...mama just found a new babysitter!!!! ...just for roadtrips, I promise...

    That fucking rodent. What a cunt-erific tradition, BY THE WAY. 6 more weeks of winter? YA THINK??? It's the first of february, so that puts us midway through March. yeah. Where I come from, it doesn't stop feeling like winter until about July. Dunno. It's stupid to me. But on the plus side (not "size"), I should be in Paris around the time that fat furrry bastard predicts spring to arrive, so I'm gonna be ok.

    AND congratu-freakin-lations on the weight loss!!! I'm cruising along on my goal, too--finally. Maybe next time we meet there'll be a lot less of us to see. winka winka. (i don't know why that sounded dirty, but it did) Oh, My parents are coming out from Maine in a couple of weeks, and my Dad will be requiring a jaunt to your fair burg, so I may steal you away for a quick lunch or something--but only if I get to see your BABY.

    I'm sorry...I have comment issues lately. I leave tremendously long ones.

  4. Today it felt like close to 80 here in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. It was very nice. But, I don't think I'd want to be here in July/August when it regularly tops 110! And it does cool off overnight now. We were sitting outside around a bonfire until about 21:00 when it got too cool, probably down to 60 or so.

  5. Well, at least you didn't kiss her ass. Groundhog sized coats would use up my material, isn't that what we want??

  6. "use up more material"...I meant. I'm a dumbass.


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