Friday, February 03, 2006

Sit down in my thinkin' chair...and think...and think...and think...

Now that my middle child is in school full time, I've missed watching children's programming on Nick Jr. I'm fairly sure the absence of green screen animation in my life has been the reason my acne has cleared up. I figure I've got two more years before I have to be exposed to it again.

Nick Jr. changed for the worse in 2001. That is when the scourge came.

It's name is Joe. Joe has no testosterone. In 2001 the host of Blue's Clues, Steve, left for "college" and his little brother Joe moved in so the green screen wouldn't be lonely.

The problem with this is that Steve was HOT. Nick Jr. was tolerable because Steve was cavorting about in those form fitting khaki slacks. You looked at Steve and you knew, with unabashed housewifely assuredness, that the man had kink. There was nothing he wouldn't do for a graham cracker and a spoonful of peanut butter. Steve, you bad bad boy... C'mere, yer my daddy.

Joe...ah...Joe...the grin ruins the fantasy.

He sure do have a perty mouth.


  1. Sometimes....

    You scare me. I must hide my boy!

  2. that steve guy looks like he could be Bob Sagat's son

  3. The last time I left a salacious remark in your comments my husband lurkingly caught it. I was embarrassed 'till I found out that had they existed, I would have recieved a poster of Nathan Filian a la dishabille in my Christmas stocking.

    That said, I totally agree with you on the "Steve" assessment, but if you are reading this Dadguy...I am not interested in any Blue Clues posters or promo items! Thanks though!

  4. lol... becky, becky, becky... norm abrams on this old house does the same thing for me.

  5. I disagree on the Steve thing, but Nick Jr has lazytown, now.....

    What I wouldn't do to have Sportacus alone with me for 10 minutes!!!


  6. Might be of interest:

    The only song I listened to, months ago, was pretty interesting.

  7. I think we can safely assume that it's all for the best that Becky no longer watches Nick Jr. :)

  8. Shall a swarm of locusts deplete your field of wheat!! (sorry...I meant to just wish a curse of some kind on you, but then my brain said, "UTAH UTAH UTAH"...) Anywho, the point is: I'm officially mad at you for getting that song in my head.

    Ok, time to make up.


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