Friday, March 31, 2006

A dumb gay spring break.

My dumb gay cat is sleeping in the crib with my baby. (No word on if the baby is dumb and/or gay...if that is the case I'll let you know.)

When my parents were ever so fortunate to learn of my impending arrival my Dad went about building a crib for me. He got the metal workings from a buddy who had some in his scrapyard...and I'm fairly sure that the wood was scrap from the building of their house. Out of meager beginnings and master craftmanship arose this delicate and sturdy crib.

It's been my bed, my sister's bed...the bed of two nephews and a niece...and it's held all three of my sons while they were either screaming or sleeping, take your choice. It's been in service as a crib for thirty one years.

I doubt my Dad ever predicted that it would become the napping spot of choice for a dumb gay cat.

After my baby is done with the crib I'd like to turn the crib into something else. Keep it around ya know. I'm unsure of what to do with it at this point. I will think of something fabulous! It's not staying a dumb gay cat bed.


In the history of spring breaks, this year's spring break at my house has to be the most boring spring break ever. (With the exeption of acquiring a brand new big ass computer.)

I've gotten to play with the Sims 2 game I've had for over a year. The old computer didn't have a graphics card that could handle it, even though the specs on the game box said I did. I made characters based on Justin and myself. The game went along fine until I managed to get pregnant and then I died. Now the Justin character lives alone and he farts a lot. I'm trying to hook him up with some fine Sim women but they aren't being very accomodating.

Oprah, my blue beta fish, died. She was a replacement for Dr. Phil, a white angel fish...who was a replacement for Thor, a frog. I have to go buy a new fish and figure out a name for it.

We would have gone somewhere if the baby hadn't up and gotten a snotty cold. Babies don't let you wipe their noses easily.

See? DULL spring break. Not once have I paraded about drunk and topless. Sigh.

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  1. I don't know if Dad wants to hear about your dumb gay cat, usually he likes to say "damn cat". I got him to say boobies the other day and it was funny. Not just boob or breast, but boobies! Dad is getting quite the mouth on him in his old age.


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