Friday, March 24, 2006

Eat them up...yum!

I took a little detour from posting when I signed into blogger. (Read, I procrastinated.) I wondered if I should change my little profile picture again.

My first profile picture was this -

This is my current picture -

They say change is good...not to mention it's officially spring now and I'm I want to change my profile pic once again.

I need your help! Please vote!

A. B. C. D.

Yeah, that's a fish head. This fish head has a lot of profundity for me. For those that will ask, it's a long past dead and eaten cut-throat trout.

Weeeee...we are getting a new computer! Gimme computer suggestions with your vote!


  1. OMGosh,"B!" Definitely "B", it just cracks me up. LOL!

  2. Since I generally sense something fishy in most of what you blog ANYWAY, you might as well put up the pic to match.....

  3. B or D.

    Hell, they're ALL fabulous!
    How about a montage?????

  4. A. for obvious reasons ;)

    It ain't a Mac is it??

  5. You know I'm hot for "B" that is my choice.

    I'd go MAC wish I had.

  6. I don't believe we are considering a Mac as it won't play nice with all the stuff we've already got.

  7. D first, then maybe A or B, though none of these seem to nail your style quite. C is just too... ordinary. heh.

    As for a computer, I hear the new intel dual core chips are nice. There are so many options, best of luck on that.

  8. hehe everyone seems to like the big I love the fish heads, fish heads lovely little fish heads....

  9. No one likes C? That's my purple faux fur coat over my fabulous orange polyester Charlie's Angels style jumpsuit!

    OK...I bought the ensemble at a D.I. (Deseret Industries, a secondhand store) in Cedar City, UT.

  10. Go with B. Maybe C needs to be a little closer in and perhaps with a halo added to get the full effect?

    I like Gateway PCs and would also agree you should go with the newer Intel dual core chip. I bought one in Nov and it is working fine plus it is very fast, even when working with fairly large graphic files. Mine came from Costco at quite a savings over building the same machine on the Gateway web site.

  11. somehow I think B would attract some pretty dodgy viewers.

  12. B looks like Anna Nicole Smith... well, how she used to look, or how she will look, or has she already gained that weight back? I've lost track. I pick B.

  13. Beck....MAC is a calling...I've not done it yet but at times I yearn. I've poured so much $ into PC software I now hate myself...and might consider getting on my knees in front of a Priest...right! just fuckin' with ya.---it's late.

  14. I say B. B just calls out to me.

  15. piffle!
    it's B no doubt!

    sorry no comments for a while... had a dance with Smenita, and then I got discouraged.


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