Friday, March 03, 2006

He puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly, smartass!

Yes, I drove to Elko yesterday (see yesterday's post) and took care of all the crap I had to take care of. It took fifteen minutes to find the building I was supposed to go to, ten minutes sitting in the waiting area and around seven minutes to prove in person that my baby really does exist. Funny, the lady at the desk didn't want to see graphic photos of my son's birth. She just didn't realize that I was offering to show her my best side.


Bendover has excellent food. Our restaurants and buffets are superb. Even our fast food is pretty darn good. Yet, for all the really good food we do have in the middle of nowhere, there is food we don't have.

We don't have a chinese restaurant anymore. God their eggrolls were divine.
There is no place where you can get any indian food.
Good luck finding a real barbecue joint.
There is no taco hell or taco slime. Taco Time commercials piss me off, it looks so good.
There is no KFC.

Since I was in the "big city" yesterday, I took that opportunity to drive some food home that we cannot get in Bendover. There is no torture equal to inhaling a bucket of original recipe chicken for 120 miles. I only managed to resist by munching on the 7 layer burrito I got from taco hell.


In life we are all faced with choices. Some are made easily while others are complicated and without any satisfaction. I don't believe I've faced any choice as difficult as choosing between this:

and this:

When I asked my darling husband which one he'd choose, Justin replied, "Becky, I'd only choose you baby." What a very proper answer that won't get one's nuts in a vise.

I do know who'd he choose. It's Portia De Rossi by a nose. She has the most perfect dern nose too. Awwwww. And she's cute and she's adorable and she's funny and she's cute.

Justin likes her hair.

Oh Portia De Rossi, you lipstick lesbian tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question...she's got such a lilting accent.

Time to go watch "Sirens" again.


  1. Anne Heche would be cute if you could keep her quiet!

  2. It is good that you got your business trip over with. I wonder what fast food places you have in Bendover. It sounded like you listed most of the regular ones on your list that are not there. For a real important thing though - do you have a source for mocha's & lattes?

    As to the Tarts list, I think I'd pick Catherine Bell. Is she back yet in any other shows?

  3. I don't know.......I think I would have to side with Justin. All those curls.....the mind bogles at the possibilities. :P

  4. Ah, Sirens....
    filmed in the picturesque but fire-prone Blue Mountains, West of Sydney Australia, where Norman Lindsay actually lived, in fact partly filmed on the site of his studio, and where I lived until six months ago - nice place.


  5. I love the I Married An Axe Murderer few get that movie.
    If I were a lesbian...and my mother thinks I am one because I'm a vegetarian (evidently they are one and the same...who knew?)...I think I'd pick Ann. She's a whole lotta crazy...I imagine some unusual games at her house. Just a thought.


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