Sunday, March 12, 2006

The night time, coughing, stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, so you can bash men medicine!

I finally feel better after hackin' through this really bad cold my oldest son gave me. He gave it to my husband too. Who knew that phlegm was like a package of skittles? Taste the rainbow! I missed you folks, rahhhhllly I did.


I've been involved in a rather heated debate lately (which has been hampering my funnay, another reason I'm behind.) The gist of it is this...most men are assholes/cavemen/dawgs/shit...discuss.

As much as I want to pin all the evils of the world on a generality, I just can't quite do it!

I suppose you readers and other hangers on remember that I've posted on this subject before. Meh, I thought I was done. Apparently there is more in me left to be said!

The basis of the "men are shit" argument, as it was presented to me, is that they are shit because men overwhelmingly commit the crimes of rape and molestation. While this is true, does this group all men or even most men? And, if men are the ones committing these crimes, are men more tolerant of these crimes in society? Does the "boys will be boys" standard hold up?

I could let myself dally in the "men are shit" camp, even though 95% of the men I know are honorable. I could! It would give me a psuedo sense of power and security simply because I have a swell set of genes and some interesting looking genitalia. What would be better than to base my worth on a uncontrolable biological circumstance instead of any qualities or characteristics that I may want to develop? That would be really easy and super awesome!

Yet, I can't dally with that mentality. I've got three sons. I dally and what the heckfire will I raise up to be "men"? And how will that mentality effect their future worth and happiness?

But then, all women are bitches...there is no hope!


  1. Ah, not to worry none Becky. I wouldn't tolerate seeing another man physically assaulting a woman by no means.

    Those men are weak and I'd hate to know I was grouped with any of them.

  2. There are soooo many different brands of men, and a number of my all-time-favorite-humans are men. I cannot buy it and all I have are daughters to raise so far.

    I think that the whole man-bashing paradigm is cheap. Just an easy way out of actual relationships and communication.

  3. I think the percentage of bad apples among men is actually a lot lower than 5%. The psycopaths are a very small minority, thank God. There are some differences in the way men & women tend to see some issues but these can be resolved by talking with each other and perhaps a bit of give-and-take by both parties. With reasonable, committed people all problems are resolveable. I was with Annie over 38 wonderful years. I know it can work.


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