Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Pink Stuff

Last night, Justin and I were watching Henry Rollins on HBO. If you don't know who Henry Rollins is, click this stinkin' link right here.

Anywho...We were watching Henry Rollins...and he gives an amazing spoken word/monologue type performance, covering many topics. He's thoughtful, sincere, political and profane. He's intense, which is an extremely sexy quality. Not to mention he's got amazing shoulders.

He had me drooling up until he closed his monologue describing his unfortunate experience with food poisoning. There goes the fantasy.

Blah...what's up with vomit in our entertainment these days? It seems that every "serious" film has to have it's token vomit scene so we know the story is "real". There also seems to be a lot of vomitting in reality TV, not that I'd know because I don't watch that crap. It's real because there is hurl? Puh-leaze.

Just tonight there was kid hork on The West Wing...ugh!

There are only two valid upchuck examples in entertainment. These are "Mr. Creosote" in "Monty Python's: The Meaning of Life" and "Lardass" in "Stand by Me". Any other graphic vomitting scene in entertainment is unnecessary. Why can't they imply hurling like they imply sex scenes? Oh wait, they stopped implying that people had sex in the movies...but then, people want to watch other people have sex. At least I do! (Disregard that last comment...uh.) But who wants to watch vomit? (Emetophiles need not answer.)

I'm sick and tired of puke in entertainment and I'm not going to take it anymore! Damned if I can think of any useful protest though. Maybe I'll stop buying beef vegetable soup...or stage a full on hunger strike. That'll show em!

Better yet, I'm going to pour my investment funds into Pepto Bismol. There is obviously money to be made in relieving entertainment induced nausea.


  1. I find I am watching less TV than in the past & I think that is because of what is offered. The Internet is becomming my main entertainment, other than reading, digital photography, RV travel, sports cars, etc. I guess TV just isn't very important any more & when I do watch it it's usually the news.

  2. i liked the vomit scene in The Sandlot. Quality. And, it has a positive message: Don't Chew Tobacco On A Carnival Ride.

    i love educational movies.

  3. If I can puke the alphabet, will it change your attitude?


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