Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Monday I was supposed to drive 120 miles to Elko and take care of some damned red tape concerning my new kid. This red tape is best done in person because the powers that be can verify that I exist and my baby exists. I didn't because my kid was cranky with a cold and the trots and I was headachey. I don't remember if I had the trots too, or not.

Tuesday I was supposed to drive to Elko and take care of the paperwork that I didn't take care of on Monday. I drove 30 miles to the west, got to the Pequops mountain range and decided to turn back and go home. Competing with semi trucks through mountain switchback roads at 75mph during a blinding rain and snow storm isn't exactly my cup of tea. Later, when I picked up my kids and husband from school, the short walk from their schools to where I parked our fabulous minivan absolutely drenched them. Justin was glad he and the kids didn't have to walk all the way home in the wet.

Today I was supposed to drive to Elko and get this god blasted paperwork done. I didn't because I managed to remember I made a dentist's appointment for two of my three children. Neither of them have ever gotten a cavity. The dentist didn't have to work especially hard. I got free floss and toothbrushes. Score! Dentists seem like kinky people.

Tomorrow I will finally drive to Elko to take care of the paperwork that's been sitting in the van since Monday....unless....


  1. Fifty bucks says you don't make it tomorrow.

  2. Procrastination - that kind of sounds like retirement. I think I would wait for better weather conditions for the trip unless it absolutly has to be done right now. It doesn't look like it is something that has to be done almost immediately, so why not wait for better weather? Whenever you go, be careful with those big rigs.

    The weather report is on TV now & he just said we are in for cooler temperatures in Yuma this weekend, cooler being in the lower 70s. I think I like living at 33.10 latitude, this time of the year.

  3. I'm just wondering what your excuse will be today? :)

  4. best of luck with that! Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is 4 hours alone in a van with an infant strapped to a seat. Never do that except in the most optimal conditions... cuz it sucks. and it's no fun. and depending on the baby could result in yer eyes imploding.

  5. Nah, it's only a two hour drive...yay!

    Yes, I'm still here. I'm about ready to go now.

  6. If I were you, I'd blow it off until I got a letter from the government. That's how I handle MY problems

  7. Sure, I'll believe when I READ it, lol! It sucks to have something hanging over you head to do.

    btw, the kitchen was painted with Antique Lace and rubbed with a chocolate glaze.

  8. LOL, OK I'm SHOT..It wasn't you that asked what the kitchen was painted, eeeek, sorry!

    Well, I hope you found the info. helpfull just the same, LOL!!


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