Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Size Matters.

"I hate girls, so I'm going to have to kill them." - My seven year old son Alec, during yesterday's trip into Salt Lake City.

Ahhh...the ages between birth and eleven...such a golden time to raise boys. Girls are still infested with cooties and they will never ever ever get married, much less kiss a girl with tongue or without.

I wish I could just seal my boys in Mason jars when they turn twelve. That would definitely save me all the hassle of constant cleaning. But... will that curb the homocidal tendencies?


Spoiled rotten, yup, that's me!

We plunked down our hard saved money for a really HUGE computer. All the numbers describing how much memory and speed this monster has are big numbers. The screen is 21". My poor little eyeballs are rubbery looking at it.

Our old computer was HUGE when we bought it six or seven years ago. Much like the size of my breasts after giving birth, it's use and relevance have dwindled away leaving only fond memories of what was.

No, I'm not upgrading the boobs.


  1. You have a 21 inch screen? BLAH! BLAH at YOU I say! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

  2. it's entirely possible that you're raising a serial killer. be afraid. be very afraid.

  3. can you imagine the clarity and detail of the porn you'll be able to see on a 21-inch?

  4. His point of view will change as he gets older. Right now unless a girl is a tomboy he finds too much difference in his way of playing and hers, so isn't thrilled. My younger son is already worried about his five year old daughter dating in the future. I just tell him to remember when he started dating girls and how he looked at them. He says that is what worries him!

  5. Love the photo at the top! Battle of thes sexes, eh?


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