Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Todays program is brought to you by the letter "R"

"Did you ever hear loud, scary sounds on television? Well some television programs are loud and scary, with people shooting and hitting other people. You know, you can do something about that. When you see scary television, you can TURN IT OFF. And when you do turn it off, that will show that YOU'RE the strongest of them all. It takes a very strong person to be able to turn off scary TV. Mmm-hmm. That's one of the ways you'll be able to tell that you're really growing. You're learning so many important things, and I'm so proud of you."

-Mr. Rogers

It's amazing that babies can crawl around their little worlds and soak up life like sponges. They soak, examine and imitate. I've watched this process with my 8 month old, especially nowadays when he's learned that he that possesses the remote control is he who has the power.

In our house there are no less than three remotes controlling the various functions of our entertainment center. They are shiny with buttons and power and buttons and clicking and buttons. If any of these three remotes is within reach, they will end up being manhandled by the baby. Manhandled remotes don't seem to work as well as the kind escape abuse.

We figured we'd cure the problem. We're ahead of the parenting game! Justin and I gave the baby two old remotes. Remotes that were saved for who knows what reason, but control exactly nothing. Remotes that could be sacrificed to the torture of Mr. Stinky Bottom himself.

They were not good enough.

These remotes weren't any less shiny, or clickable, or buttony. They looked and tasted and smelled the same. They were placed within reach! Why oh why were these remotes not good enough?

It was because we had nothing more to do with these castoff remotes and therefore he would have nothing to do with them either. Where was the value if Mom and Dad weren't telling you that you couldn't eat them?

Where do you send old remotes? Is there no island of misfit electrical gadgets? I guess I'll just forget the idea of letting the baby play with an old computer keyboard. There is no dignity in a detached keyboard.


  1. ditto on an x-box controller that is not attached... we used to take the end of the cord and stuff it under the x-box to try and make it look like it was straight up... that only works till they are 9 mo. Sigh.

    oooo... my word verification is bonnmnx, and I AM a minx!

  2. Babies are smart people, hard to fool! He sees you & wants to do what you do. Now maybe if you each played with one of those old controls while watching TV & he watches you doing that...

  3. Hah. I usually seem to loose the remote before the item to which it is attached to becomes defunct.

  4. They're not good enough because you gave them away so easily. He already knows this. He wants the one's ya'll want. Smart kid you got there Becky.


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