Monday, April 03, 2006


Ever eat anything so mind numbingly delicious that every morsel proves there is a God? That you know that God considers you only one step away from becoming the Pope or Britney Spears?

My damned lucky husband had that experience this weekend with a donut.

He's damned lucky that I didn't eat his donut first. He got the privilege of decimating a chocolate bar donut which, upon biting into it, revealed a perfectly sweetened, fluffy vanilla cream center.

Justin sat wide-eyed for an hour after eating this bit of divinity. A wave of trembling would radiate out from his gut area causing him to make soft satisfied mewling noises.

There was a second donut of the same variety in the box. I did not attempt to eat it. Justifiable homocide. I won't risk my life, even for the loveliest confection ever confected.

I did get a bite though.


  1. Next time you're in town it's tiramisu at my house: and that could be considered risking your life. Trust me. (only cuz my kids are hellions, not because I am a bad cook...just so's we're clear...)

  2. Never heard of it. What brand is this and where do you buy it??

  3. This donut came from a local bakery. wanna eat my donut?

  4. I had a moment like that when I ate my first Tato-Nut. My body orgasmed with pleasure.

  5. What's a Tato-Nut?

    Lisa, I want tiramisu so bad. You don't even know.

  6. What ryhmns with donut?


  7. rhymes even

  8. It is really discusting the way life sort of backhands you as you move through it. When I was younger I could eat anything & not gain weight, but I couldn't afford to very often. One ofr my favorites was a Dairy Queen Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard. Now I can afford them more often but I can't eat them often as I think I gain weight with every one! It is unfair.

  9. Eat yer donut? That sounds dirty. Go ask Thunder-thighs.


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