Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I've been avoiding my blog.

There have been two factors for this. One I won't mention but the other I will.

I had a reader (though he wasn't a hanger on as far as I know) who is located near me. I am unsure of how he reached my blog but he perused my pages and moved onto my costume site. I know this because I have a sitemeter there. More importantly he sent me an email.

This person is apparently into some kind of real estate, had recognized my fence in one of the costume photos in my gallery and subsequenly compromised my privacy and security by offering to "talk" about my house.


I got to thinking. Do I reveal too much when I traipse about the internet?

Because sometimes I'm one of the follower bees I have linked to Dooce on my blogroll. Dooce says, and I'll paraphrase, that a blogger should decide on what they are comfortable writing (or showing) on the internets on just how comfortable they are about who knows about and sees your junk. If you are afraid of fallout from crabby Aunt March about what you think of her, don't write all your thoughts abour her on your blog, capiche? She won't leave you the house in her will. If you do leave your thoughts, do it responsibly and stand by what you wrote.

Am I afraid of fallout? A bit I guess. My creeped out feeling lost out to an indignance over this man's lack of tact and my own bias. I dislike real estate agents. I've never had a good experience with one. (If you are a real estate agent, feel free to sway me...let's not discuss my fence though.)

I've decided not to change anything, come in more often, and stand by my junk.

A consequence of avoiding my blog is that I've not taken the time to read much of what is on my blogroll and/or leave comments. I need to update the blogroll to include many other blogs that I enjoy. I apologize for this as I feel it is a profoundly inconsiderate thing to do.



  1. I am not too worried about myself & I don't think the title of my blog will draw any "crazies" but I have been careful when mentioning friends & family to refer to them by just an initial of their name. One son is a policeman and I know he is a bit worried about what info can be had from the Internet. It is a real shame that the world has gotten to the point where we can't share personal info as it would make this a more interesting place, but it just isn't safe anymore. I do buy things over the internet but always worry about putting up credit card info, etc. So far I have been lucky but I do not participate in chat rooms nor do I visit sites I consider to be risky. The Internet is a fantastic tool but also something to be somewhat afraid of.

  2. I understand. You know why I yam who I yam.

    You need me to bust some heads? I'm perpetually pissy these days. Ooooo, great name for tomorrow's rantings!

  3. the thing about blogging I seem to notice is it's best to be crazier than your regular readers.

    Yet Becky I don't think I'd feel comfortable about someone pin pointing where I lived...if I didn't know them...or maybe even if I did know them for that matter.

    I guess it's best just not write anything about myself personally and if I'm going to post a picture make shure I'm wearing a long red wig and photo-shop'd make up.

    I'm glad you didn't decide to stop blogging.

  4. I can totally relate to you feeling invaded. This same thing just recently happened to me except not a stranger. My blog wasn't a very pleasant place to be for a few days. What disturbs me is the amount of work (ie searching) that is involved to find a specific blog. That's definitely creepy. I hope it doesn't cause you to shut it down. I really enjoy your posts even though I don't comment much.

  5. I hope you don't shut down, either...just kick the guy's ass if he really bugs you. I think mostly, people are just interested in who's near them because it makes stuff more interesting...but who knows, he could be a loon. Love the costume you have showing here. YOu're so talented. REally a gift. Hope your weekend is good and you don't cross the path of any of those freaky child were joking on my blog right? I can be very literal at times.


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