Wednesday, April 19, 2006


...for our favorite tart has given birth! (Insert "Rosemary's Baby" score here.)

Oh Katie Holmes, you are mother! I can't wait until Tom publishes your book on parenting tips in three years.

Yahoo news reports that this is the most celebrity baby frenzied we've been since the birth of Desi Arnaz Jr...that is until we get to the BradGelina spawn. I'm fully expecting the three wisemen to show up with Prada handbags and shoes when Angelina pops her cork.

Tom Cruise has joked about eating the placenta. In my internet surfings I've joked about Tom Cruise eating the placenta...

Placenta, the other other white meat.
Placenta, it's whats for dinner.
Happiness is a warm placenta.
Placenta does a body good.

What got me is that they interrupted my local news to announce the birth of Suri Holmes. Wha? Whatever happened to sending out birth announcements with fuzzy lil duckies printed on them?


  1. What I don't understand is how the birth of a star's kidlette is more important than say ... the war in Iraq, or global warming, or the murder and disposal of a "regular" child's body. WHO GIVES A SHIT?

    I can't wait til she comes to her senses.

  2. I don't think that was as important as the sun coming up again today. I wonder how many babies were born in the US yesterday and why anyone would think this one is any more important than any of the others? Sometimes I think our country is a bit wierd!

  3. This whole Baby-Having Celebrity crap needs to go away and the faster the's not like these people produce Rocket Scientists or even productive citizens for that matter....most of their seed end in one rehab after another till finally they write a tell-all book blaming their EGO driven talentless parents or some such nonsense...worst case scenario we'll end up with more "Pauley Shores"!

  4. I feel sorry for the child whose life is destined to be abnormal for sure. Dawson would have been a better dad.

  5. least Nicole had the brains to take the kids and run.

  6. oh, oh, OH!! What I wouldn't have given to be there for that lunch conversation, below! You and me, academy award winning perfomances, baby! This is us, deadpan, "yeah, when he puts in my ass it feels so great, ya know?" "I love it when he invites his brother over so I get double penetration." "hey, do you wanna make out?"

    Also: poor Katie. I wouldn't go through all that scientology bullshit even for tom effin cruise. lame-age.

  7. Placenta the other white meat HHAAAA..too funny

  8. Eating placents...oh yum. Only a strange white man would do that. Was that really a joke? You know it just ruined my lunch. blech.

    Typically some cultures bury the placenta. Obviously Tom is like the "Dahmer" of our culture.


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