Friday, April 07, 2006

Springtime...for Hitler...and Germany!

Despite the on and off grey skies lately, it's finally SPRING!

...and this means spring cleaning. Airing out a house containing a winter's worth of winter smells isn't half bad. It's not half good either.

While reorganizing parts of my kitchen today, I came upon my husband's college ID stuffed in the head portion of my three piece pig shaped canister set. During that time in our lives, Justin was so derned handsome.

We were dirt poor. We could not afford shaving cream and a razor, as is evidenced by the ID mugshot. Justin spent several years at Southern Utah University doing a fine Grizzly Adams impression.

That was A-ok with me. Beards are sexy. The only time Justin grows a beard now is during the summer months when he doesn't have to teach school. I'd live all summer in his beard if he'd let me.

What is good for the goose isn't good for the gander, however. Justin makes me shave any beard I grow.


  1. What IS up with the woman-beard? Not fair.

  2. I grew one after I retired & I guess it was successful, but after awhile it started itching especially when the weather was hot. That drove me crazy so off it came. I still don't like to have to shave daily but I don't want that itch back, either.

    With women it seems to be an age thing. As they gain more years they also grow more hair but not where they want it.

  3. If you sent that picture to Hollyweed, they'd cast him in a wilderness flick of some sort or another!


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