Friday, April 14, 2006

Wakie wakie, eggs and bakie.

Merry happy spring based holiday to everyone to whom it applies.

I'm headed into Utah County this weekend with the fam-damn-ily. There are plans at some point to make out with Justin in a movie theater. Get those Alanis Morrisette images out of your heads you perverts.

Here, have an egg.


Ahhhhh the fifteenth. I didn't leave my readers and other hangers on, well, hanging...It's Bestest Housewifely Doodad time!

Before we purchased our fabulous minivan we had a ten year old Mercury Sable. It was a reliable automobile up until the last year we owned it when it started burning carbon in the exhaust. A fairly normal problem with older cars which will ruin your performance and gas mileage.

It was during our 120 mile drive home from Salt Lake City that it became apparent that we had a chunk of carbon logged in the car's outty thingamabob. We couldn't get it to go above 55mph.

We turn around and head back to the city. It's apparent that we will need lodging for the night so we can get our car fixed in the morning.

Did all the frozen groceries in our trunk melt overnight? No! Thanks to April's Bestest Housewifely Doodad!

The canvas freezer tote!

This surprisingly roomy canvas bag is lined with some kind of NASA invented material that keeps your frozen things frozen for up to five hours. When you fill it with 12 buckets of hotel ice, I can personally vouch that it keeps things quite solidly frozen overnight! (Especially when you have a turkey and ice cream in there.)

It makes a great cooler...easy to pack over your shoulder for hikes and picnics. It wipes out nicely with a damp cloth. Great to smack your kids with when they won't stop throwing rocks at ducks swimming in the picnic area's pond. I'm fairly sure you could take it on planes and trains besides automobiles.

I like this doodad so much that I've got two! (Should I get one more? One to beat each kid with?) Each was purchased for around 15 bucks at Sam's Club. Mine has outside pockets!

Our groceries kept themselves frozen even though there was no open for business shop in SLC that would fix a muffler on a Sunday. They'll fix everything else but not anything to do with an exhaust system. Bastards. We decided to slow poke home and we blew out the carbon around mile 50. Putt putt putt putt putt ZOOM!

Thank you canvas freezer bag. I like you, I really like you.


  1. That looks like it would work well for taking a picnic lunch along in a Miata to eat after a car rally. The bag is fairly big but, being canvas, I should be able to fold the top over to make it short enough to fit in the trunk. It would probably work fine with those plastic ice things which would keep it from filling up with water as the ice melted. I think I'll look to see if Costco has them. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I must have one of those thingys. I'm the worst with frozen foods. I won't bore you with my stupidity, but I need one of those!!!

  3. Never underestimate the freezer bags...Have a lovely trip.

    Is that new icon a glimpse of your new self? Congratulations, if it is so!!!

  4. Just checking in...hope the trip was great. Dying for one of your fabulous descriptions of farting at dinner...that was you who wrote about that right?

  5. I think my sister would get all gooshy to have such a bag. What brand is it? Where can we buy it?


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