Monday, May 22, 2006

Collect the moments one by one

This song makes me happy.

"Mushaboom" by Feist. Go buy a nice Feist CD would you? (So I can feel better about putting this player on my blog. Thankee.)

I'm watching a neighbor's five year old son this morning. He's only been at my house for two hours and already he's played with every toy, crayon, sticker and pet in my house. He's a whirlwind of activity. He wants to go outside but my sprinklers came on. He's asked to go outside approximately every thirty seconds since the sprinklers have come on.

For him, kindergarten starts in three hours. I'm reminded to why I don't watch kids anymore. My brain doesn't go as fast as other people's kids legs.

If I do the math he'll have asked to go outside to play on my sopping wet lawn six hundred times.

Edited to add:

This bird is in my backyard right now. It's about the loveliest thing I've seen today.

Western Tanager


  1. Come live at my house, the little boy action never stops! I should have known the kids would take after their extremely hyper active father instead of me. Damn the luck.

  2. See, I can handle your kids Jill...I at least know their habits!

    Other people's kids are mutants. That's all there is to it.

  3. I will have my 8 YO grand daughter this weekend for four days. I am looking forward to her visit but I also know it will be nice Mon evening when I am back to just me around the house. I somehow don't get much of anything on my own list done while K is here.

    That song is nice. I don't know the group but they are soothing.

  4. Oops, K is 9 now. She would not like to be called an 8 year old!

  5. i say stick the little beggar in the backyard and turn the hose on him. Hard. "How do you like my backyard now, punk?!"
    No. Better not, the screaming would scare away the pretty bird.

  6. Beautiful bird...I know that he is easier to watch than kids.

    Thank you for all your kind words on my blog.


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