Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dust in the Wind

Even though my mother and sisters have allergies, I for the most part have escaped the misery.

This morning while returning from taking my kids to school I unthinkingly pooted in my fabulous minivan.

Oh've farted in your vehicles too! Don't you look at me like that!

I ate mexican food last night. A gorgeous chicken chimichanga with guacamole, and rice, and beans...and to top this off, a cucumber and chili popsicle which I bought for curiosity's sake. It was amazingly delish.

The scent of used mexican food in my fabulous minivan brought on a series of the most violent and wet sneezes! My eyes still itch a little bit! I think I've gotten a couple hives!

I knew what caused the sneezing as soon as I started. Giggling between sneezes, while trying to drive, doesn't make one look like they are in control of their faculties.

Do they make Benedryl suppositories?


  1. I once burped and made the room smell like someone had just opened the fridge door to unleash the festering aromas of Chinese take-out leftovers. Can you imagine?

    We had chili last week. I had one bowl, but my husband had two bowls. The results were commensurate with the chili intake...

  2. If we would only remember to take Beano before our meals of that type! I don't think Benedryl comes in that form. If you take Benedryl you will probably end up taking a nice long nap this afternoon. It is a good sleeping pill in my system.

  3. You do indeed house a truly vicious mexican chemical reactor, don't you?

    Beans do it for us, too! Any mexican food, and of course that one special "carbohydrate" that no one, including me, seems to understand.

  4. oooooooooh, you are allergic to your own ass! That is nasty!!

  5. i live with a man that has a problem with his air-water separator... but even he hasn't reduced me to sneezing and hives. i commend your husband for putting up with that my dear. you must be good in bed.

  6. ...aaaaand I am laughing my uncivilised butt off!

  7. That's so funny. I've actually had to cross some foods off my list of edible things when my farts have resembled the original product too much.


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