Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fresh Pickin's

Nevermind my last post...I'll redeem myself!

I have a new goal in life!

I recommended a website today. It's the most awesomenest website on the internets.

Stuff on my Cat.

I have to submit a photo of my dumb gay cat Booger! When my cat appears on this website's pages all will be right with the world.

The goal is to pick something that hasn't yet been placed on any cat. I have a few ideas on this matter...

1. Booger under an assortment of bloody latex halloween prop body parts. Maybe take the photo on a garbage bag or in the bathtub. (If I can get him to relax in there.)
2. Booger under a pair of my big fake boobs.
3. Booger in a mass of wadded tissues.
4. Booger covered in nearly $150 worth of quarters.

I want your ideas! My cat will be a star!


  1. I would take your digital camera & start taking photos of him, many photos all over the place in different situations. Pets with kids are always a good combination. One of the advantages with digital photos is you can take lots of them with no cost & only use the best one. Try some of those you thought of but I think the main thing will be to take lots of them, hundered, and there should be one that is best.

  2. That should be hundreds of photos, not just a hunderd.

  3. No ideas here, but with your creative costuming imagination and a camera, I bet you can think up something fantastic to post with your cat.

    Good luck!

  4. I'm thinking...stick the cat between two large slices of bread and call him a Catwich?? no? sorry that all I got.

  5. Here is a blog that I got from Meow's site, sent her from Tab. It has some great cat photos that may give you some ideas. Click on over & take a look. Be sure to post your final choice here on your blog, please.


  6. Cats ... my wife is a cat person, and I've put up with more than twenty years of allergies to keep her happy.

  7. those were fake boobs?....hmmmmm


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