Monday, May 01, 2006

Got Freon?

This morning, 1:37 a.m.....

Ring ring ring ring ring...

I crawl over the mountain that is Justin's sleeping body and barely answer the phone.

A calm even-toned teenaged male voice responds: "Ma'am, I'm from "local fixit shop" and I'm calling to find out if your refrigerator is running?"

(It's running twice as well as your brain.)

The Absent Minded Sleepy Housewife: "It's past one a.m. Why are you doing this?"

Teenaged Eejit: "We just wanted to make sure your refrigerator is running."

(Sure it's running. It's gone to the convenience store to get me Gatorade and Slim Jims. You want it to get you a breakfast burrito?)

The Absent Minded Perturbed Housewife: "This is called a prank call. Did you think I'd answer you seriously?"

(Apparently he hadn't discovered Prince Albert in a can.)

Teenaged Eejit: "This is called FUCK you BEE-YATCH!"


Out of all the years that Justin has been teaching school I'm surprised that we haven't received more than this one prank call. We did have "Looser" scratched into the hood of our old car 6 years ago. Ironic...the English teacher having a misspelled "Loser" on his car. At least it was capitalized.


  1. I'm thinking they probably meant "more loose", looser. :) Heh.

    In all my years of idiocy, I would never have made prank calls in the middle of the night! Some things are just not decent. I did, however, call "Hooked on Phonics" and beg them to help me with my addiction to reading...

  2. I suppose we all have gotten that type of call at one time or another. It seems it would be a lot riskier in this day and age with all the caller ID systems and last number call back options that are available now. It would have been interesting to remind these children that they should be in bed at that time of the night as it wasn't too long until their elementary school started classes in the morning and they should be at their best for their kindergarten teacher.

  3. Teacher = target -- has it always been that way? I parked my car at the kids' school and when I returned someone had taken an ice pick or something and stabbed the windshield. I went in to the office to report it and when I described the car they said there was a teacher with the same type and it was probably a mistake. HUH?! So teachers park at your own risk? That's crappy.

  4. I remember when I used to make those kinds of phone calls when I was a youngin...

    Now, I see the other side of the the issue.


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