Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ku Ku Kachoo Mrs. Robinson.

When I was 18 my boyfriend took my hand and jolted me out of movie complacency. He was older than I was, and worldly! He led me in a journey in film appreciation and pop culture beyond the blockbuster.

My education began with a trip to the video section of the grocery store I'd been working at for three years. I had an account with a little leeway with return times and late fees, not that we ever took advantage of that. If there is any quality that my boyfriend had is that he's punctual to a fault. Two dollars out of his pocket and we had successfully rented "The Graduate" and "Deliverance".

We retired to my parent's basement to watch on the 1970's oak veneer console TV. This TV had no knobs to turn the channel. It had a modernistic row of metal plates with the numbers backlit above. To turn the channel, up to channel 14, you put your finger lightly on the proper place on the plate. This device had been broken for a couple years so the TV was stuck on channel two and the backlighting was long gone. Good thing the VCR could handle the antenna and channel changing responsibilities.

For the next four hours I was shocked and enchanted. Is enchanted the proper term after watching "Deliverance?" I can maybe get away with it with
"The Graduate"..."Deliverance" was more intriguing. In any case my naive movie watching eyeballs were opened.

Young Burt Reynolds definitely looks better with a mustache. Ned Beatty, he could have used a mustache too...perty mouth.

I have since watched thousands of artsy fartsy, popular and culturally significant movies. I've had to; I done married that movie watching boyfriend. I like many of these movies. I can appreciate art direction and set design and editing. I appreciate foley artists! Bad movies properly piss me off. A movie is great when I stop paying attention to costume design.

Justin is disappointed that I dislike "Lawrence of Arabia" and "The Manchurian Candidate". Meh...we all have our faults.

Netflix is my friend.

(Should I admit that one of my recent Netflix selections was the entire first season of the original "Degrassi Jr. High"? You're right, I shouldn't admit that.)


  1. I came here accidentally, but I must share that my best friend and I (we've been friends for 23 years) used to call each other on Sunday morning so we could watch DeGrassi together. she was in love with Wheels and I hearted Snake. What fun.

  2. Gee, I am old enough that I can remember a time before there were VHS recorders! I have a DVD recorder that I bought with one idea being to transfer some of my VHS tapes to DVDs. I guess I should get started on that project. One challenge of keeping things like movies and even music is to remember to transfer them to newer media before the old systems are totally gone. I still have some computer programs on 5 1/4" floppy disks. Try to find a drive for them nowdays!

  3. Degrassi?!! AAAAAGCHK!

    My exhusband lurved to smoke hisself out and watch him some Degrassi... I mighta enjoyed it better had I gotten high as well. meh.


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