Friday, May 12, 2006

Only 23 payments of $99.99

I love that my sitemeter lets me see the search terms that people are using to find my blog.

Overall I'm seeing plenty of folks finding me under the term "housewife sex." Hello web searchers! I'm Becky, nice to meet ya! I'm a housewife! I've had sex at least three times that I can prove! (Four if you talk to my sister Jill.)

If you go to MSN and search for the term "Becky having sex" see what comes up first! Go on...I'll wait for you.

Now go back to MSN and search for the term "Becky having gas" and see what comes up second...

What does this prove? (You ask blandly....)

Only that I poke first and poot second. It's good to have priorities in life.

I'm also finding many folks finding my blog trying to find information on "Barbara De Angelis". She's that five times married, informercial touting, self help book writing, relationship guru. Sorry to disappoint; I'm not Bev. I've only been married once and therefore I'm not experienced enough to give marital advice. You can ask anyway...


  1. I had to tag you! I got tagged a day or so ago and it's been weighing on my mind...

    It's not too long - I promise! The Magic 3 are on my blog (I had 555 originally)

  2. I tried that and you are now #! for both. Congrats!

  3. Well, today (Monday) I got you first on both searches, but you were the only one on the "gas" one so maybe it only looked in those that it found first for "sex." You have some more notariety! Some of those other things it found might prove interesting, too.


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