Monday, May 15, 2006

You light up my days and fill my nights....with song...

I've done been me-me-ed! Many thanks to Joyce at DreamHorse Gallery.

3 places I'd love to visit.

* I'd love to go to Disneyland again...or Disneyword. I'm not picky. We had the most fabulous Disney vacation the summer before I pooped out my last baby.
* My husband tells me I want to go to Germany so I can eat food. Who am I to argue with that?
*I've never been to the eastern U.S. I'd like to see and smell parts of New England.

3 people I haven't seen in years and wish I could.

This one was more difficult for me to answer since I see most everyone I want to see. I'll rule out dead folks, since the only way to really see them is for me to give up the ghost. Blogging from the afterlife is just plain creepy for the living. I'll also rule out people I've yet to meet.

* There are a couple people from highschool I'd like to see but have no idea how to contact. They weren't at the last reunion.
* I'd like to contact the boss I had when I managed a costume shop. I've always felt badly that I didn't keep up my friendship with her. It was best, at the time, to distance myself from the job or else I would have been right back in their cess pool. She was so smart and funny.
* I haven't seen Clarabelle for a while. When she's ready I'd like to visit.

3 things I'd like to accomplish in the next three years.

* I'd like to have a wider costume rental inventory.
* I'd like to find a willing male model so I can finally get some pictures of men's costumes up on my website. I will bake the willing man a pie.
* I want to wear a bikini again...wait...I can do that now! I'll restate. I want to wear a bikini without the bulk of my current posterior.

The next step is to tag three folks. This is where my antisocial tendencies come into play. I don't wanna tag anyone! If you want to do the 333 please do because even if I don't tag I certainly like reading everyone else's.


Happy May Bestest Housewifely Doodad Day!

For May I have a doozy for you. Ok, I don't...but it's saved me money and heartache. I give you this month's Bestest Housewifely Doodad...

The compact fluorescent bulb!

Have I changed a lightbulb in my house for ages? Hell no! Not since I purchased a bunch of these in bulk from Sam's Club. I don't quite remember how much I paid for a package of five, but it was less than twenty bucks.

These buggers last forever. (Unless you put one into the lid of your aquarium and then you drop said lid into the aquarium and then the bulb makes a loud buzzing noise and a puff of smoke. The fish lived.) The power company used to give me a rebate on my electric bill for buying these because they said they save electricity. They don't offer the rebate anymore but I'm still sure they continue to save electricity.

They offer an excellent quality of light. The small bulbs don't seem to flicker like the long ones do.

The curly shape is decorative, right? Righto! That's why I put a couple in my vanity.

The only downside is that it takes a split second longer to light after you flip the switch. This means I can't put one in my garage door opener to light my garage because it never turns on. If you can't wait a half second for your bulb to light this product is not for you. Patience is a virtue my friend.

Thank you compact fluorescent bulb, I like you, I really like you.


  1. Your 3-3-3 lists were interesting to read and they all sound possible for you to do. Have fun.

    I totally agree with you on those small florescent bulbs and isn't it wonderful that they have come down in price so much! The first ones that I bought were partially paid for by the power company but still cost close to $8 each. Now for about twice that I can buy a package of 8 of them from Costco. They are especially great in places where the bulb is hard to get to to change. Good choice for this month!

  2. Thanks for doing the 333! I have similar antisocial tendencies & tagging people was mindbending. Anyhow - I really enjoy your blog - discovered it months ago through a mindless dribble blog link, and now I check in frequently.

    I also love the twisty enviro-bulbs. I use them all through my house... but gotta use the true spectrum (or whatever they're called) incandescent for my "studio" - the twisties are too yellow.

    Thanks again for playing & thanks for keepin up such a terrific blog!

  3. Clarabelle is surprised and touched; she'll let you know.

  4. Hey, love the 333. Should I do it here or my blog? I'll check back to see. I'm not a blogging officiando so I don't know.

  5. ps, why doesn't your hubby model for you?

  6. Disneyland is definitely a cool place!

    I have a post on your dream vacation up as well.

    Hope all is well!!

  7. Hhhmm...what kinda pie? Cause I'm allergic to some pies and others I just don't like.

    Aren't all models picky??


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