Sunday, June 11, 2006

I am Moley Russel's wart...Buck Melanoma.

In nearly thirteen years of marriage you'd think I'd be as familiar with my husband's body as I ever could be. I thought I knew all it's features well...I mean I've seen the man naked a couple of times. If you showed me a photo some of my husband's body parts I'd know they were his easily. It's delightfully off-putting discovering a new feature that's always been there and didn't suddenly appear because he's in his late thirties.

Last night, when Justin and I were teasing each other while watching TV, I discovered a mole between his little toe and his slightly bigger toe. It really was a mole, it wasn't toe jam.

This was hilarious to me.

If ever I was called to identify Justin's body by just his right foot I could! Yes, coroner, that's the hidey mole I discovered in the summer of 2006. I've named it Phillipe.

Justin is not allowing me to take a photo of his hidey mole so I can show you all.


Last Friday was the last day of school for my kids. It was also the last day of school for my teacher husband. I have two months of having the whole bunch of us in this little house, this very little house, to look forward to.

Each of us has our own summer cup with our names on it. If you cannot find your cup you must drink out of either the hose or the toilet. You choose. Mom and Dad don't need to be washing five zillion cups a day.

Friday was also the day that my oldest son graduated from sixth grade. Justin and I aren't fans of the pre-graduation. We are of the mind that graduation happens when they throw your butt out of high school and college. We made a small exception this time around because they are throwing my kid's butt out of elementary school. Next year he will be attending the junior/senior high combo school next door...the same school Justin teaches at. (Our town is not so large to warrant two buildings to house a separate jr. and sr. high.)

My son, being the dramatic little git he is, wears his suit to the graduation. He was the only graduate in a suit. The rest of them wore commemorative Tshirts that we had no knowledge existed. I lie...two of the girls in my son's class wore lovely glitzy dresses. Anyway, here is a photo...

He wore white socks with his suit. One must only be stylin' to a point.


  1. Oh boy, you almost have a teenager, one of the hardest animals on the planet to figure out. Especially those early teen years. I didn't have any sisters or daughters but I think girls would be more worrisome than boys though. You won't have that one to worry about. My younger son is already thinking about that & his daughter is not yet six!

    Having the whole crew home all summer would be different but it does open a lot of opportunities. Do a lot of things with the kids as before too much longer the oldest one won't want to do much with Mom & Dad any more. And keep on taking photos.

  2. Go Alex! Screw commemorative shirts!
    Women love a man in a suit.

    Lets take a up a collection for Phillipe; maybe that will persuade Justin to allow you to photograph it!

  3. awesome, the only graduate in a suit.

    there was a time being the only one in a commerative T-shirt was the exception...I know because it was me.

    you Have to love the white socks in a suit...if I had a suit it's what I'd wear.

    congrats to the Grad!

    a handsome young man there Beck...nice going.

  4. lol...You know, discovering something about your husband's body after so many years, can add, not subtract from your marriage!

    Your son looks adorable. Congratulations on the graduation!


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