Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mamacita Peluda

There is much to do today. Tomorrow we meander into Happy Valley, Utah. Our families seem to want to look at us in person.

I have to do the laundry.
Get a new filter for my fish tank because the old filter suddenly made a wheezing noise and keeled over.
I have to finish sewing this thing for this guy who pays me to sew lots of similar type things.
I have to finish sewing adorable little girl baby clothes for my impending grand-neice.


I have to shave off my beard. (Since our families want to look at us, not my whiskers.)

Shaving isn't exactly the proper term for what I will be doing...I have to daintily remove the coarse black hairs growing ever so sprightly from my jawline caused by a tantrum my ovaries seem to be having.

If you may recall, I've discussed my body hair removal before. It was an interesting experience that I am absolutely not repeating on my face. That's why I use June's Bestest Housewifely Doodad!

(I didn't forget!)

The personal hair remover thingy! (As seen on TV)

I didn't buy mine from TV though. I have a thing about buying doodads off TV. Mine was a cheap knockoff impulse buy from our local grocery store. I was willing to venture two whole dollars in the cause of hair removal.

My problem in removing my facial hair using other means, like my husband's triple blade razors or depilatories, is that when my five o'clock shadow shows up it shows up ingrown. I don't know about you but I tend to dislike ingrown hairs on my jawline making me look like I'm suffering teenaged acne again. That sort of thing confuses my husband's students.

This nifty product doesn't cause ingrown hairs! You get fairly close detailed hair removal without any real sharp bits tearing up your face. It's pain and bodily fluid free. It trims up one's unibrow real perty. I personally stay clean for a few days before I have to buzz my face again.

It takes one AA battery. It's been my experience that anything handheld and portable that takes one AA battery is worthwhile.

You can find the personal hair remover on TV and pay way too much for shipping and handling but I'm fairly sure you can find them at any personal care section of any grocery, department or drug store near you. Men, this is NOT a good anniversary present, m'kay? Let the ladies buy these for themselves.


  1. My Annie had one of those & liked it. I think hers came from Wallyworld & cost a little more than your $2 but not over $5. There really are some good deals available in this world!

  2. Don't leave us hangin' while yer gone. Some of us depend on your relatively sane view of the world to keep us sane...............

  3. BAH hahahahahaha! Shoppin' time.

  4. You have been taking a vacation from Blogland. Aren't we about due to hear something from you soon? How about telling us about Tuesday's visit with Lisa? Has your daily schedule changed now that school is probably out for the summer? I'll bet there is more going on in your world rather than less. Hmm, that "more" might be part of the problem with time to blog, huh?


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