Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pa! Pa!

Lately my fantastic husband, Justin, has been puttering about the internets on the Internet Movie Database. This site is awesome. It's filled with all the movie making trivia that Justin so enjoys. It makes him popular at parties.

When I want to torture my children I turn the TV to "Little House on the Prairie". Yesterday was as good of a torture day as any. Justin's on IMDB when I switch to PBS and he looks up the actors in the series. He's presented with this photo...

Half Pint?

He says this is NOT how one wants to see Melissa Gilbert but I say why the hell not? She doesn't have to be dressed in calico all the time!

Apparently Melissa Gilbert enjoys her sensuality. If you've got cleavage, then dammit, show it off in formal wear. Buhbye pigtails, hello double sided tape!

Nellie Oleson would be jealous...

Not jealous of this photo however...

They cut off the camel toe.

The real Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't favor showing off her cleavage but she was still a sexpot, dontcha think?

Hawt! Almanzo, you're da man.

Oh Melissa Gilbert, you Screen Actor's Guild leading tart! Why do you attract my husband so? Sorry, dumb question. Anyone that used to date both Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise gets hot points. I think.

(This post was written with my husband's protest as he is not in the least bit attracted to Melissa Gilbert or her cleavage. I am required by the obligation to marriage to post this little disclaimer. That and I don't want to sleep on the couch tonight. When I tarted Mo Rocca I was this close....Anyway, Justin really likes Tyra Banks. )


  1. Melissa Gilbert certainly has at least a couple of fine points about her, but I still like Catherine Bell from your See the Tarts! collection (I guess that is Justin's collection.)

    I'll go check out that movie database. It might help to pick out what I want to load into my list at Blockbuster Movies by Mail.

  2. I believe that's more than half a pint each~aye carumba!

  3. those boobs look fake to me, and she looks old enough to need a bit of help in the boob department too.

  4. I love IMDB as well. I can't remember the names of all of the actors when I was growing up, and it is neat to see what they are doing now!

  5. IMDB is seriously one of my most visited websites. I use it as reference several times a week. IF I am trying to remember "Where have I seen that guy" I just look it up.

    I loved this post. It was very funny.--Particularly the disclaimer.

  6. I'm so glad you posted that disclaimer. Melissa is scary Hollywierd glam with those "cantelopes" that were never intended for human consumption.

  7. I do enjoy the fact that I have my own IMDb page now. Should I spring for the $35 fee to add a photo?

  8. Them are some serious "gravity scoffers!"

    But I am a little relieved to find that they are not genuine "tart" adds.


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