Tuesday, July 04, 2006

...And I'll proudly stand UP!

Happy Independence Day!
(to those to whom it applies.)

Our little famdamily went to our little parade this morning. For all of the thirty entries in the parade they threw enough candy so that each kid came home with at least that many pounds worth. Gutter candy is preferred over middle of the street candy. Had we sat at the end of the parade route instead of the begginning we would probably have doubled that amount. So far the best salt water taffy has proven to be the brown ones with the little dark brown spots in the middle. Yes, I stole all of those kind from my kids. It's payback for episiotomies.

When the flag marched by my husband and I, and another couple that sat near us, were the only ones in our immediate area that stood and put hands to hearts. Has America gotten so bottom heavy that we can't get our of our folding chairs to give a salute? Sad sad.

After the parade we went to the park and put our ten dollars in a raffle for a trip to Disneyland. We did the normal small town yakkin'. I'm thinking seriously of putting up my own vendor tent next fourth. I think people need patriotic tiaras, fairy wings and socks. It will be fabulous.

Right this very moment I'm savoring an ever so patriotic blend of summer barbecue type eats. Steak, ribs, grilled veggies, pasta salad, grilled corn on the cob and watermelon which will remain ungrilled hopefully. We've been watching too much Food Network and it shows. Later we may end up back at the park so the local highschool football team can fry us up a mess of fajitas served with homemade lemonade.

I just want to stop here to tell you all that grilled mushrooms with cloves of garlic are so divine...

Kiss me...



When night falls the town will put on what they've promised to be the largest fireworks display in our history. The Nevada side of Bendover turns fifteen years old today...that's fifteen years since our side has been incorporated. I'm expecting to see more than fifteen sparklies in the sky. Whats great is that we get a good view of the fireworks right from our front yard. We let the kids come out in their pajamas to see.

Going out in your pajamas anywhere you please is one of the blessings of freedom.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful small town American 4th of July! And I agree with you on standing & saluting as the flag passes by. It is also surprising how many homes don't bother to replace their garden flags they display on the front porch with the Stars & Stripes for a day like today.

    I have been loading the RV to leave tomorrow for Idaho & Eastern Wash. for a month or so. I will be going to my son's house about 20 miles south of me for BBQ tonight. The other son & his family also plan to be there so I'll get to be with all ten of them before I leave. M's family & about 5 other families nearby do this every year. Then at dusk they do (legal) fireworks in the street in front of the houses. By going together that way it makes quite a big display that everyone can enjoy.

  2. So? How were they? The fireworks I mean.

    Hope they were a lot better than here. The 10 minutes it lasted, we got to see at least 3 colors in the sky.

    Oh, and thanks for making me hungry. You people are so selfish.

  3. Hey there, I thought Oakmont was the only town that hosted at least a parade every quarter of the year. And the gutter-candy, without a doubt the best for the bang. We actually just had a firetruck parade a couple of weeks ago...yeah, it's as you imagine.

  4. It's payback for episiotomies.

    LOL! That's one way to get even...

  5. Yes - patriotic tiaras and socks. For that, I'd almost come to the fair to get some.

    I'm a regular reader but usually a lurker. The idea of red white and blue fairy wings brought me out.


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