Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gimme Head

If you turn your eyes upward you can see that I've changed my header. There are new quotes on my little postits! And photos!

I'd like my header to be a fluid, everchanging thing. I'd like spout off profundity like no one's biznezz.

Unfortunately I'm a little deficient on profundity these days. Let's blame the hormones and the weather. Let's blame Dubya Bush for it too.

That's why I ask you, my dear readers and other hangers on, to supply me with profundity....or at least some funny quotes, sayings, limericks and photos. Then you can come back to my blog and leave a great big comment proclaiming "That's MINE!" and I will thank you profusely.

(Please no profanity or nudity. Not that I dislike profanity and nudity...because sometimes I like it quite a bit...just that I'd like to sneak in the profanity and nudity down the page and not have it be the first thing you see.)

Email's on my profile.

I love you all.



  1. Loved the Post Its!

    Um.. Am I suppose to put some profanity here? Was that like a hint to swear?
    I'm confused.

    Blonde and Overheated in Vegas-


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