Monday, July 17, 2006

It's all in the genes

Yes...I'm late.

No, I'm not THAT kind of late. Silly wabbits. I'm never going to be that kind of late again.

I'm two days late in revealing July's Bestest Housewifely Doodad! I'm late because it was my husband's birthday on doodad day. It will always be my husband's birthday on July's doodad day. Happy Birthday Justin!

Now onto the backstory...

When I was attending my Dad's family reunion a week back I was hugged by an Aunt I haven't seen in years. (Not seeing her in years really wasn't an accident. This woman has slippery traits.) Aunty Slippery proclaimed that I looked just like my mother! Why thankee Aunty, uh, I think!

I can see why she'd say we are similar. As I age I am looking more like her about the face. In fact the day of the reunion I went to pick up a new blouse to wear and when I came home my mom was wearing the blouse I almost bought. I'm coming closer to the day when I become my mother in habits as well.

My mom LOVES to vacuum. She's got an ongoing unrequited romance with an canister style Electrolux. (That sounds kinda dirty...) We could take away my mom's vacuum and I suspect she'd get the DTs. As kids we'd sneak to the socket and unplug her vacuum while she was having her fix just to make her testy. Ah good times...

It's in this familial vacuuming spirit that I offer the Bestest Housewifely Doodad. Its....

The cord retracting device on my new Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner!

My old upright is dying a slow sad death. It's terrible form for a housewife to allow more than an inch layer of graham cracker crumbs on the carpet so I had to replace the thing. This bagless Kenmore was recently on sale at both Sears and Kmart for $99 smackeroonies.

It works as expected. It sucks up cat hair and crumbs efficiently. The BEST part is the retractable cord. My kids think it's all high tech because you can step on the yellow spring loaded button at the back of the vacuum and the power cord whips in violently! No more clumsily winding the cord around the machine or heaping it lazily around the handle. The cord has it's own little snail like home!

I recommend you only step on the yellow spring loaded button when you've actually turned off and unplugged the machine. Safety first. And...oh yeah...make sure your cat is out of the way.

My mom certainly approves of my new vacuuming choice. Her Electrolux also has a rectractable cord. Honestly I didn't pick the vacuum because of the cord much like I almost picked up a new blouse. At least I wasn't wearing the same blouse as Aunt Slippery. The cord was a delightful surprise.

Thank you retractable cord device on my new Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner, I like you, I really like you.


  1. Do you know if they sell just the cord retractor? I could use me a couple of those.

  2. Since I'm a swell googler I went looking for a separate power cord retractor and so far I haven't found anything. They all seem to be hooked onto the appliance.

  3. There are retractors for big extension cords but I think with most of them you still have to turn a crank. Maybe some are self powered. I think those I have seen would kind of be overkill for household appliance cords & another storage problem themselves.

  4. sorry about the comment trouble over in my bowl...fixed now....for some reason wordpress thought you were SPAM...but I straightened them out.

  5. Hey! I don't know what trickery you worked, but Safari no longer displays your text in underlined golden links or in purple. It' letters on a muted yellow background, most pleasing to the eye. Now I see what all the fuss was about.

    Since my last haircut, I've been getting the "You and your mom could be twins!" bullshit. Dammit, I look a lot better than her...don't I? Don't I? (Your job here is to say yes.)


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