Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Musty and Electric

What a glorious storm blowing right now!

Justin's gone outside to save our neighbor's garbage cans. He's a noble sort.

The wind is blowing so hard that my fences are shaking. I see lightning but I can't hear the thunder yet. Raindrops are coming down in a slant. I've opened my sliding glass door to let in the air. It smells musty and electric.

When Justin and I were first married we spent a night running about naked in a thunderstorm. Justin was walking dead from both college finals and a medication he'd been taking for Desert Storm related headaches. (Justin is a Desert Storm vet.) I had just begun working a nowhere job again after maternity leave after having our first.

The storm came on just as strong as this one. The rain poured and the gutters were rushing. Justin and I stepped outside our basement apartment to look at the lightning while our baby slept. It wasn't long before our bodies needed to rush much like the water in the gutters. We shed our clothing right in smalltown Utah suburbia and ran naked into the street, splashing each other in mud puddles, dancing with the lightning strikes in the dark.

The young man that was dating our landlady's daughter came outside their apartment to see what we were doing. I attended highschool with him. He'd always thought I was so frigid. He got an eyeful of our mud covered bodies and asked if we were high. If we could have shot up that thunderstorm we would have.

When much of the storm had blown itself out and so had we, we went inside and showered together. We felt alive again. We felt alive for a long while after that.

Even though I won't run about naked in this storm it brings the feeling of alive. That's just fine by me.

I can hear the thunder now.


  1. Oh, oh, oh--that story! Such a beautiful moment.

    p.s. I dig the new layout!

  2. Thunder storms are fun & beautiful to watch but I don't think I have ever participated in one like you two did. That was awesome. Maybe if you had a few beers you would still want to go out & do it again?

  3. i heart thunder/wind storms... benny hates them. you can just hear the cash register going off in his head when there's a wind storm: 'crap... there goes the fence. that's another $200'. this is why we sleep with the windows closed when it's windy. his internal cash register keeps me up at night.

  4. I haven't had more than one decent thunderstorm since I left...home. Oh how I long for one! You're so lucky. And to run naked in one! My mother's version of that was to sit on top of buildings and take pictures of lightning; she never seemed to understand the danger!

  5. Ooooh...naked mud playing in the rain ;-)

    It does sound like fun ;-)

    Never tried it but I think I will now, sounds...intoxicating...


  6. I love that story. I wish I had the guts to do that.

  7. Thanks for that. I feel better just having read it.

  8. As someone who reads Justin's blog regularly, I assure you he's never told us this story. Shame, shame, shame on him.

  9. Now that's a good story!

    How come when I have the cursor anywhere in the window, your whole blog (headings, titles, the text of posts) shows up as one giant link back to your blog (golden yellow underscored links rather than soft purple letters)? It makes my eyes freak out.


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