Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Secret...made for a woman

Last night I was feelin' lucky.

When I get to feelin' lucky sometimes I take cold hard cash down to the casino and win more cold hard cash. Last night I turned fifty dollars into two hundred and twenty dollars on a penny slot.

My lucky feelin' rubbed off on all around me. The cocktail waitresses were making good tips and the honky tonk house band didn't flub "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". The enviroment was electric and it wasn't just the neon.

When my ego could stand no more of this luck that I was permeating like BO, a woman behind me took a great big sniff.

She was just walking along the corridor when she smelled my essence, put three dollars into a dollar slot machine and gave it a pull. The spin that came up was a ten times pay symbol, a blue seven, then another ten times pay symbol. Three blue sevens in a row is a hundred dollar payout. When you do the math of 100 times 10 times 10 that means she won ten thousand dollars.

A cocktail waitress passed by just as she made her lucky spin. The woman didn't know what she'd won and so she asked the waitress. The waitress looked at the slot, her eyes got big and she explained it to the woman.

That poor lady almost fainted. A mass of casino cashiers ran over to confirm her win.

What was most precious about this was when the woman's husband came sauntering by. She squealed at him and explained her win. He dipped her and kissed her.

It was that point I left. I was way ahead so why not?

Justin went after me to partake in the lucky. Madame luck left the premises for him. She went with the 10K woman to buffet.

He should have tried sniffing the 10K slot.


  1. My little brother is lucky like that. He wins at the boats (riverboat casinos), he wins at bingo, he wins turkeys and tickets and t-shirts by playing radio station contests. He finds coins left in vending machines.

    None of it has rubbed off on me. Maybe I should try sniffing him.

  2. Are you serious?!? That is incredible. Good for that lady and good for you.

  3. That is a nice win. Do something special with the money, something you ordinairly wouldn't do. Enjoy it that way.

  4. Next time you come to my town... I wanna whiff.

  5. You should eat a big bowl of chili so that everyone can smell your luck.


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