Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sunshine on my shoulders...makes me regular.

So our trip to Colorado was cancelled. Justin's mom is fluish.

I have not gotten rocky mountain high. I guess I'll have to settle for heroin. Aren't the effects about the same?

(Note: I don't even know where to get any heroin, much less any other illegal drug type substance. I barely know where to buy wine in a box.)

We spent a couple days at my parent's. My baby pooped on their sidewalk in the backyard. Eating massive amounts of watermelon causes massive amounts of pooping. Eating massive amounts of Froot Loops before you eat massive amounts of watermelon causes the poo to be most colorful.

Did you think I'd show you a photo of the poo? My camera doesn't take photos that...uh...massive. My poor baby's posterior.

We also attended the family reunion for my Dad's side of the famdamily. It was potluck. We did not bring watermelon...or heroin...or even wine in a box. We brought roasted veggies which were delicious. Every other family member brought massive amounts of poo as well as some mayonnaise based salad.

We are quite full of it.


  1. glad you saved us the fruit-looped technicolor poo shots.

    cute baby shot is much easier on the eyes.

  2. He looks happy and like he is enjoying it. I think too much of almost any fruit will have that same affect but he looks dressed for it & was outside.

    I'm sorry your Colorado trip didn't happen. Will you be able to do it later in the summer?

  3. Jerry, I'm having a bear of a time leaving comments on your blog. I'm trying very hard to. They don't stick dammit.


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