Wednesday, July 12, 2006

They'll ride up with wear.

In 7th grade I befriended the strange new girl in school. We didn't keep contact, she only stayed one school year. Karri was far more brainy than any of my other contemporaries. She was interested in mythology, the genealogy of british royalty and the occult. For only knowing her a bare minimum of months she left me with a lasting legacy.

She introduced me to the absolute richness of British comedies. God love her.

I watched on a thirteen inch black and white TV in my bedroom. It tuned in the channels like a radio. I knew exactly which way to point the antenna.

Starting at 9 pm the local PBS station would air "Are You Being Served". How could you not be completely enchanted when Mrs. Slocombe mentions her pussy? The next two hours were spent doing homework and slurping up such Britcoms like:

'Allo 'Allo
Fawlty Towers (Flowry Twats?)
Good Neighbors
Black Adder
Red Dwarf (Smeghead)
Keeping Up Appearances

...and many others. I enjoyed what I was watching so much that I actually did feel guilty when I didn't call and give when PBS had a pledge drive.

BBC America and Netflix has allowed me to rediscover these shows. I don't have to feel PBS guilt nowadays. Damn 'em. I'm not supporting Nova!

Any discerning housewife should obtain and watch a DVD of "Butterflies". I've been absolutely gorging myself on it's witty dialogue these last two days. It's twenty years old but the lead character and her struggles as a bored housewife are as timely as ever. I want to dress like her. I love her skirts and caftans...there are no June Cleaver pearls in sight. I think I would look fabulous at the grocery store picking up tampons and dishwasher detergent.

...and I am unanimous in that.


  1. I am forgetting the name of the show but I really used to enjoy the science fiction show where they moved around from the phone booth. Like most Brit shows, it had a cute lady. There is no better comedy than British but I think maybe people who had to live with cars that used Lucas electronics had to have a good sense of humor just to survive! I remember when I discovered that the reason the Brits like their beer warm is that their fridges were made by Lucas.

  2. I've heard of "Are You Being Served" but none of those others.

    I'm ignorant when it comes to other cultures likes and dislikes. Or it could just be my indifference :)

  3. My two faves were always "Are You Being Served" and "Keeping Up Appearances". Every reference to her pussy sent me tittering to a corner; the fact that Sheldon continued to hit up mummy for silk pajamas without her having a clue as to his sexual orientation simply cracked me up. Of course I also loved watching the neighbors hitting the deck each time she came out of the house, and her falling into the bushes each time she walked past Daisy's dog in the car!
    (That's BOUQUET, not Bucket!)

  4. If you enjoy the British comedies, you should watch Coupling. The first two seasons are hilarious.

    Are You Being Served? was always a nightly watch in my house, growing up.

  5. Do you find yourself, speaking in a british accent and using their sentence structure? I do. Though I do not watch the british comedies (My mom is utterly addicted to them,) I am ALWAYS watching british movies. I think my hubby thinks that I am obsessed. What can I say, I just love Colin Firth. Good think we are moving there.

  6. Oh and I love reading british comedies, as well. I am on the third book of the Shopoholic series.... Um, maybe I am obsessed.

  7. I'd move to England if I could live by Colin Firth. Hey Colin, Firth you. I speak with a Utah accent...chester draws.

    Can't say I cared for Coupling. I guess I just didn't identify with it.

    I would have mentioned some of the newer series but I didn't watch those in my teenaged years. The local PBS wouldn't show Ab Fab either.

  8. wahay! nof course being a brit I was bought up on those! Fawlty Towers is always damn brill, as was Keeping Up Appearances...and what can I say about red Dwarf 'cept Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for Breakfast!!
    Love to hear that you liked them.

  9. OMG - Basil Fawlty would make me absolutely cringe, he was sooo funny. John Cleese actually made some management/motivational films in his inimitable humourous style.

    Are you Being Served was a must and I still manage to catch one occasionally.

    And I don't think Roland Atkinson ever did anything else as good as Black Adder.

    Now I have to order Butterflies from Netflix. This will be a new one for me.

  10. The BBC's test market for British comedy in the US was Dallas, back in 71.
    It was a good time to be growing up in Dallas.

  11. I was an "Are You Being Served" and "Blackadder" girl. I LOVED like crazy Ab Fab as well, but like y'all I couldn't get that on PBS.

  12. Sheridon, SHERIDON!

    Not Sheldon.


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