Monday, July 24, 2006

Vaseline on my teeth.

I spent a very short time last night immersed in the girlhood fantasy of the beauty pageant. Miss Universe was broadcast last night.

Miss Puerto Rico well she should. Her dress, which I absolutely loved, made her a bit warm and then she went woozy on stage. That sort of behavior qualifies you for more than the Miss Congeniality prize. I actually don't know why she won because Justin came to my senses and we turned the channel. All I know is that she is the one I picked as my favorite and now I feel narcissistically triumphant.

I also know that the young lady in question is going to have a difficult time removing the tape residue from her breasts. I'm not saying this to be belittling. If I had her breasts I'd tape them up to my neck too. Baby oil is good for tape residue.

(Perverts, I know what you are thinking!)


  1. I saw a bit of the show too, about 30 seconds as I was flipping the channels. Funny thing is though, the part I did see showed Miss. Puerto Rico and that dress. I was wondering how it was kept on. Thankgoodness, guys dont have to use tape to keep anything up,,,,ouch


  2. I wonder....if you win that everything after that a kind of less-than moment?

  3. While the Miss Universe pageant was on, I was busy finding out my husband likes a bit of fuzzy armpit hair under there.

    He never admitted it. All these years, he never admitted it. Sick bastard!

    I wonder if Miss Puerto Rico has 1/8" stubble? That's about the length he likes.

  4. I don't watch much TV other than the news now & then, so missed this one.

    I would think the pervert crew would be more into something like whipping cream than baby oil.

  5. Okay fine..though I really felt Ms. Canada had it going on...mind you she didn't faint.

    do you think double sided tape would keep my boobs out of my arm pits?

  6. boy, this blog is so not 360. it so sucks because it's not on 360 :(



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