Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Bloggerversary!

I've been BSing you for a year today...

Has my absent mindedness improved any?




  1. I have read much of your archives and you are just as much fun to read today as you were last year. Please just continue doing what you have been successfully doing. I'll bet I misspelled that word. Ugh, double letters mess me up.

  2. happy anniversay, happy anniversay,happy anniversay,HAPpy anniversay! to BECKY'S BS! HEY!

  3. wow has it only been a year since the birth of your blog? Happy blogiversary!

  4. Well well..happy year anniversay Becky...

  5. So should we get you something in paper for this most auspicious occasion? Congrats.

  6. Hello fellow bloggers. This page was created when I found that it was soon to be my 2 year bloggerversary. I threw the word around jokingly for a few days until I thought about searching online for other peoples bloggerversaries. There was some website out there that tried doing this back in 2006 and it hasnt been updated since. I read about peoples stories and was pleasingly surprised when I found most are more interesting than mine.

    I realized that the best "intellectual property" or intelligence is derived from bloggers simply because they are not paid. They dont have a hidden agenda and they provide an inside scoop as to the way things are in their respective cities towns or countries. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT mainly because I know the governments hate it... Anyway, bloggers agendas are laid out flat for you to READ. Please email your most interesting blog post to Gillyroze@gmail.com and I will post it here (unedited) immediately... I hope that this page will give a voice to those that otherwise would not be heard. The page is http://www.bloggerversary.blogspot.com Also soon to come, bloggerversary.com

    Cheers and luvvv GR


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