Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If it's sin I'm in


That's right, I said PORN!

It's a scourge infecting the lives of everyone! We must think of the children when it's so blatantly displayed in a public library!

My radio alarm went off this morning and what finally got me up and moving was the DJ reporting this story.

Apparently, uber talented Utah fantasy artist James Christensen is responsible for the sexual arousal of young boys and girls visiting Davis County libraries! In his art book "Voyage of the Basset" included in it's pages is this painting:

Well, I'm disgusted! I'm further disgusted that my young impressionable boys can pick up this book in a public library and look at naked fantasy creatures all lithe and floating and BLUE! Not to mention that one of those mermaids is an adult and one is a child and what the heckfire is that implicating hmmmmm?

I've loved the art of James Christensen since I was 15 years old. I own his books. He officiated at the wedding of good friends of mine. He's a swell guy. I hope he doesn't get angry about me displaying his work without permission.

But The man painted this while he was a professor at BYU for god's sake! What dawned on these parents to get all up in arms at the library about this? Better hide the National Geographics before we create hordes of uncontrollable little sex addicts!

Some parents just have too much time on their hands...and too few brain cells.

PS. This painting would also be against Ebay's nudity policy. Even if it's artwork any graphic nudity must not be shown. If I seller wished to auction of a print of this painting they'd have to alter the photo to not show nipples. After that they can get their auction pulled if it's deemed they've altered the photo too much...


  1. apparently, we're all going to hell. Actually, while I'm thinking about it, somebody save a good seat for me please. I hate getting a seat where there isn't a good view. I'd hate to miss something.

  2. Next thing you know they'll be calling Michelangelo's "David" or Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" pornographic.


  3. That reminds me. Some years back there was a tour of Rodin's artworks that came to BYU. "The Kiss" garnered many objections because the statue portrayed SEX and the lovers in the statue were NAKED. BYU wouldn't allow the statue and a few others to be displayed.



  4. Oh well CLEARLY, it's porn. Don't you see it? LOL, LOL!!

    People are such MORONS!!!

  5. That is a beautiful piece of art and certainly not porn. If they want porn, just have them watch the daily news and see what people in the world are doing to each other.

  6. piffle... I have painted some mighty fine pr0n in my day too then!

  7. To hell in a handbasket. That's where this country's goin'.

  8. I just moved out of Davis County and I bet I have taught the students of the parents complaining. This honestly does not seem that out of wack that they would do that. This is a reason I got frustrated so often teaching there. So stupid.

  9. Rainbow,

    At Justin's first teaching position, an intern position, in a Utah County high school that shall remain nameless, he said the word "Hell" in context while teaching a debate class.

    The principal then received three complaints from students and then this was backed up by complaints from the student's parents. See, he was swearing in class!

    While talking to a neighbor she was telling me all about the debate teacher and his filthy mouth in class. I didn't say a word to her...but then she figured out who I was married to. She'd gotten along well with my husband too not realizing what he did. She avoided me embarrassed after that.

    Some piousness can be such an extreme. I've read that over-piousness is a telling symptom of a narcissist.

    This kind of sheltering can't be healthy.

  10. I'll never understand the whole concern about showing a woman's chest...what is the big deal? Especially if it's just a painting...the crack up is, when they decide to cover up something or hide it...only makes EVERYONE want to see it....hahaha...dumbasses.

  11. Dya get the feeling some people are a touch narrow minded?

  12. $5 says that woman actually caught her husband wanking to the book instead of the child.

  13. I agree with bsc above!

    Hope you are well, Becky!


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