Friday, August 04, 2006

It's only a flesh wound

I'm so nipple tingly excited this year over the new stuff in my catalogs for the Halloween season!

We have the spring loaded knockers of death. (As seen in action, modeled by me, on this blog, in that video, in that previous post.)

This is to go with my usual big seller...the happy sleepy pillow tatas. Ebay makes me cover the nipples for their auctions because of their stupid nudity policy.

That's not the end to weird appendages! Look what I made Justin wear!

Thank the good lord that I do not have to diaper that thing. I can't imagine what kind of foulness it might issue. Then again, technically, it doesn't have a butt.


  1. Attack of the killer tatas! What a way to go! Some men would love to die that way, if they're gonna go anyway...

  2. I'll bet that you do have a lot of fun at Halloween. It was Annie's second favorite holiday, after Christmas. Does your web site show all of these costumes? Does everyone here know that there is a link to your web site in your sidebar here? (I guess they should now, if they read comments.)

  3. Awww man, I love the little alien thing! Looks kinda real....

    I could freak out some folks with that. Right up my alley


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