Thursday, August 10, 2006

Menage A Trois

A conversation between a husband and wife about the annoying neighbor child:

Justin: "God he's annoying!"
Becky: "Aww Justin, you know that could be the kid that cures cancer one day!"
Justin: "He IS cancer!"

My submission to Stuff on my Cat:

My dumb gay cat wouldn't allow me to take any more photos with Fred the Head. Later I have to stuff Fred in a priority mail box and ship him off.


School starts in 11 Days.

Thank God.


  1. Your cat is cuter than Fred the Head. I think you have chosen to keep the right one.

    Boy, school is sure starting early in the year. I know they are trying to shorten up the loooong summer vacation but it does seem odd. They get out later in June than we used to & we never started before Labor Day. I guess they still spend the same number of days a year in class, just spread the vacation time out. How had Justin been able to get summer classes with these shorter times?

  2. I'd watch your reality show.

  3. My kids have have been in school all week already. Starts way too early.

    I want Fred....bad.

  4. Fred is one of my ebay staples.

    Search for "severed head halloween prop".


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