Monday, August 14, 2006

Smooth as a baby's bottom

This is my 200th post. Bows...thank you thank you...

I just deleted my intended post. I was about thirty-five facts into the "100 more things about me" list. My brain isn't taking the strain of the task of listing 100 more things none too well. For the record the first line on that list was "I need to pee". It's not a great way to start a list and it all went downhill from there.

(Enough about me, let's talk about you! What do you think about me?)

Justin has returned to work today. Summer vacation for school teachers is over. The kids return to school next week. Justin spent a great deal of time last night shaving off his lazy summer beard. His face is all naked. Our baby did not recognize him this morning. I miss his beard already. It had certain advantages...


  1. It's August 14 and summer is officially over? That really sucks.

    Remind me to tell you what an "Abraham Lincoln" is.

    Starting a list with, "I need to pee" isn't necessarily the best way, but you know something, I've heard worse.

    Put a fake beard on daddy til baby gets used to it, poor lil thing. Damned daddies and their fickleness!

    What do I think of you? I think your brain should be donated to science so they can study it.

    I'm bringing you something from our vacation. You can put it on your website if you like, or on your "Best Wifely Doodads" thing. Yer just gonna LUUUUUVVV it!

  2. Congratulations on the 200 milepost.

    I think you are uniquely interesting.

    It does seem early to declare summer over but I did note yesterday the news said our sunset time was 20:23 so it is nearly an hour earlier already than at the height of the long days. One nice thing about retirement is that vacations don't end.

  3. Kudos on 200 and a big fancy design for the page. Very nice indeed.

  4. OH, my son at age one didnt recognize me when i returned with a beard after being away for 2 weeks. Poor J, i know how he feels.

    "Enough about me, lets talk about you! What do you think about me." LOL, classic line can i borrow it sometime?


  5. How do you know how many you posted? I have no clue.


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