Monday, August 21, 2006

They don't bake cookies any more.

Ahhhh, the first day of school.

My twelve year old got up and ready for junior high, including shower, breakfast, hair combing with gel, and bookbag packing, in 12 seconds flat. I made him wait to walk to school for a good forty minutes. He spent those 40 minutes watching cartoons. Ahhh the irony.

My seven year old was adamant about wearing his glow in the dark Superman Tshirt. I honestly don't know when he'll get a chance to get it to glow at school. I walked him to his classroom door this morning. His teacher is so teeny and little and sweet! Some of the second graders had to be bigger than she was!


Dubya Bush is on TV this morning. It's putting me off my coffee. Not having my coffee makes my colon frustrated. Dubya Bush is the cause of my constipation!


Yesterday my cousin Debbie and her new husband stopped by. They'd spent the weekend in my corner of casino hell (see previous post) and found they needed somewhere to hang out until it was cool enough to drive home.

We went to lunch and then I gave them a tour of the town. Must see sites included:

  1. The WWII Airbase. It's in a terrible state of disrepair. The best feature is our little airport. They would not let me take my fabulous minivan on the runway.
  2. The block of plain white trailer homes that the Utah side of town planted by the airbase because they thought people would be running and jumping to live there. There are no trees, or lawns, or even a paved road. The dirt is white, the trailers are'd go blind.
  3. The twelve foot tall pile of garbage collected by a man over several years that he absolutely refused to part with. He died a couple years back and finally someone is cleaning it up. It's taken two years to reduce the pile by half.
  4. The porno hut....called that because the building is a tall triangle. The hightlights? A DVD entitled "Guess What? Grandma is a Whore!" and staring at a poster of a muscular tattooed bald man with a vagina. No, I didn't buy anything.

Happy Monday folks.


  1. Kids & the new school year. Yours are a couple of weeks ahead of my grandkids here. That does bring back good memories of the past with mine.

    Dubya - two & a half more years. Hmmm.

    Thanks for the quick tour of some of the hi-lites of Bendover. I didn't realize that part of the city is in two different states. Does that make for some interesting things happening? I think I'll look forward more to my DVD that's on order from Amazon, "The Best of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In," than seeing that one you mentioned from the hut. If fact, I don't think I really ever want to see that other one. Somehow, the title just doesn't resonate with me.

    Thankya for the Monday wishes and the same back atchya.

  2. Two and a half more years...ugh..

  3. A bit late, but Happy Tuesday to you, becky.

    I love the new look on the blog, and the baby is adorable!!

  4. Oooo, such fun sites there in Utah. makes me wanna hop on a jet plane right this second.

    Your 12 year old sounds like he's growing into a fine young man...gets his grown up stuff done as fast as he can so he can do the kid things in life.

  5. Back when I wore a tie, I had a Superman one. It didn't glow in the dark though. I sorta feel ripped off now...


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