Monday, September 18, 2006

Donkey Shane

Good morning fellow internet-ophiles! I hope you are having a sunshiney delicious Monday morning!

Alright...enough of that.

I'm cordially inviting you to come over to my house, for coffee, witty repartee', TV watching....and if you wouldn't mind, could you possibly change my baby's poopoo diaper? Oh c'mon, I'll give you five bucks! Ten? My everlasting soul?


Be right back.

Phewww...see if I ask you over again! See if I offer you my soul!


I'm looking forward to seeing WAYNE NEWTON on Friday. I'm having random Wayniac fantasies which I would discuss here but then you would find me obscene. Just know that my fantasy Wayne whispers in my ear, all sultry like, "Everything that happens with Mr. Las Vegas stays with Mr. Las Vegas." Oh Wayne!

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't know how to change a diaper anymore. We used cloth ones & I always worried about sticking the kid with a pin. I don't think I ever stuck either of them but I did get stuck a few times.

    Good for you on going to the Wayne Newton show. Have Justin take his camera & take some photos, then you post them. Especially if you get a kiss from him!


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