Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fishtank Disco

I bought four more fish for my fishtank, because my fishtank lacked multiculturalism.

All my fish have names. The bottom feeder is named (Kevin Federline) Scumbag. The grey loach is named Jon Stewart. The white loach with red eyes is named, appropriately, Redeye. The zebra striped angelfish is named Luis. The strange grey whiskered bottom feeder is named Jussy.

What my little stepfamily of fish lacked was color. I decided to buy a neon tetra.

Neon tetras are just like potato chips. You can't have just one. These fish thrive on peer pressure. I had to buy four of them. Damned things keep going behind the fake plant to smoke doobies and chug wine coolers.

Because you can't tell these buggers apart they needed a group name. I settled on...

The Gert Jonnys. Do you see the resemblance? Fabulous isn't it!

Gert Jonnys are a Swedish rock foursome from the '70s. (...isn't that a surprise.) They've obtained cult status because of their sense of style is being passed around the internets. Personally I think there is a kind of hypnotic quality to their haircuts. I must go buy some mentossssss....

If you would like to listen to Gert Jonnys click this stinkin' link right here. Shoop shoop shoop shooby doo wah!

You'll notice that Gert Jonnys is on my header. I found it was the perfect photo to go with the quote.


  1. The name for your new fish is indeed appropo (SP?) but now you need to change your profile comment to include nine fish, not just five. Unless something happened to the others.

    I remember the seventies well but do not remember the Gert Jonnys. Of course, I was not in Sweden.

  2. There is something very not right about those guys.

  3. Bwahaha! This post had me rolling!

    Have fun with you Swedish Fish. :)

  4. I totally had a gang of 4 Neon Tetras! They started a turf war with my other fish and slowly killed them one by one. Then there was an internal struggle within the Tetras and only one remained. He killed himself by impaling himself on the plastic plant. My brother told me i was a pretty boring person for driving a fish to commit suicide. i just claim he couldn't live with what he had done.

  5. Them Jonnys is scaring me BAD! Keep them the H-E-double-hockey-sticks away from my blog.


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