Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

It's to be expected that most bloggers today will say something about 9/11, as it's been five years.

Around the internets it's been popular to post where you were when it happened. I have no problem with this! I was here, at home, getting my kid's ready for school. I logged into my instant messenger and got told to turn on my TV.

What I dislike about this notion, of telling people where you were, is the seemingly competitive nature of it. It's not where you were, or the importance of what you were doing at the time, that makes the event all the more profound for you. (With the exception of if you were actually there or if you were in the middle of childbirth...or both.) That you remember is what is significant.

I was home, glued to my television. I burst into tears when I saw people jump in tandem. Justin was teaching high school, where the kids had no idea to how serious this was. I called my sister while the second tower fell. I got my kids from school later that day and noticed the blank expressions on everyone's faces.

My condolences to those remembering their losses today.


That being said...anyone have an opinion on last night's 9/11 ratings grab on ABC and CBS? I don't...I didn't watch.


  1. What I remember is utter helplessness coupled with such tremendousness sadness. One of those defining moments of your life when you realize that there is nothing, nothing, you can do that will make a difference at that moment in time, yet everywhere around you is torment and such wretched fear and suffering. And you can't tear your eyes away ... for hour after hour.

    So you sit.

  2. My heart will never, ever be the same... I was expecting my very first baby and yet it seemed like the world was ending. I still cannot fully wrap my head around the... evrything of it even five years later.

  3. Check out the 2996 Project at Over 3000 bloggers volunteered to write about one victim of 9/11...about the lives, not the deaths.

  4. I was at work since I started at 05:00 in the Pacific Time Zone. At first it sounded like it was a small plane. Then the second one hit & I think everyone realized it wasn't an accident and it was more than a small plane accident. I called my wife to alert her as soon as I felt she would be awake, I tried to find television sets to see what was going on until I got off work & home to watch on my own.

    I think the two main things that did not directly involve me like my marriage, birth of my sons or the death of my wife, that changed things for me forever were the shooting of President Kennedy and the 9/11 attack. There really are no words to accurately describe the affect of either event on me.

  5. You weren't the only one who didn't watch apparently. The ratings were pretty low. I didn't watch either.


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