Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jesus Built My Hotrod

My little family has always been a one car family. We like the Joneses but we've been horrible at keeping up with them.

The reality is that we've always set up our living so that we'd only need one car. First this was out of necessity. It takes money to buy a car, put gas and insurance in it, and we had absolutely no money for more than the Mustang II that I bought in highschool. Justin made good use of student bus passes. I made good use of Justin's student bus pass on days Justin didn't go to school.

(I had a bus boyfriend. I think I'll write about that tomorrow.)

The Mustang II was replaced in 1995 with a 1982 beige Toyota Celica hatchback. When insuring this vehicle I was informed by State Farm that it was a sportscar. I laughed right in the face of the insurance agent and offered to let them come look at the car. Cmon, it's beige! It's four cylinders! In any case the Celica was a good sturdy car that didn't break down for poor college students and we appreciated that very very much. We didn't use it often because we lived two blocks from Southern Utah University so we walked. We didn't even make out in it.

When we traded in our Celica in 1999 for a 1995 Mercury Sable I nearly cried. It was much like having your child grow up and leave home! I was assured that it was going to another very poor college student and maybe someone would make out in it, hopefully while using condoms. We got six hundred bucks out of the Celica and put it toward a newer car to match our newer life in Nevada. We didn't put much mileage on the Sable...we still lived close enough to walk everywhere.

(An interruption. Jessica Simpson is on The Early Show this morning and she's got a really cute haircut! Alrighty, back to the post.)

When we learned that I was expecting rug-ape #3 we knew that life would be much more pleasant if we had a vehicle with three rows of seats. It was absolutely necessary to have the ability to separate one boy from the other boys on our long car trips. We purchased the fabulous minivan new and decided to keep the Sable, just in case. New car...high falootin'!

Some months into owning the fabulous mini van we received a call from a student of Justin's. His family had two cars which both died horrible deaths, one right after the other, and they needed transportation badly. We're we thinking of selling the Sable? At that point we'd realized that the old car had sat in it's parking spot for nearly five months and we hadn't driven it once. That was $200 worth of insurance on it for nuthin. It had a dead battery but otherwise it was in tip top shape. We sold it that day for cash.

I've been seeing our old Sable every morning while driving the kids to school. The new owners have shined it all perty and it's got all kinds of rosaries hanging from the mirror. They know the car used to be Mormon and needed saving.

This morning I passed the old Sable and saw it had been backed into something. It had a rather large dent in the trunk and crushed back bumper. I was sad. It was like it was my kid out there in the world with a nasty scrape on his knee and needing a bandaid! We never made out in the Sable either!

I might be more sad if I'd backed the fabulous minivan into something. It is our only transportion and someday we might make out in it.


  1. I've only owned about 5 cars in my life and they were all christened...once doing 90 miles an hour on the way to Las dangerous it seems now. sheesh. some things I've done almost make me a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

  2. Hey, thanks for the "date night" idea. I knew those Stow-n-Go seats would come in handy for something.

  3. You should christen the Fabulous Minivan & do it before the weather turns cold.

    I still see my first car at times while in Spokane. It was a 1938 Chevrolet that I put an Oldsmobile V-8 into the summer after I graduated from high school. When I had it the outside was a metallic blue with rolled & pleated blue & white Naugahyde upholstery. It is now yellow but I don't know the interior color. It got pretty poor mileage and that was back in the day of 32 cent per gallon gas. Of course it would have done better if I had kept my foot out of the 4-barrel carbs. I only got one ticket with it, for drag racing in downtown Spokane on Thanksgiving weekend in 1961. I beat the Ford.

  4. Dang Becky...

    You're lucky Justin didn't push you out of the first car.

    4 vehicles and not one was made out in??


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