Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Like a Pear

I've been over at The Mama this morning, scrolling through her archives, to find the link to The Shape of a Mother.

What an excellent blog this is! I'm tempted to post my own ever so sexy nudes over there. We need more dinner plate sized areolas on the internet. We need more evidence that real naked women are naturally hairy! I need to free my lopsided breasts! My stretchmarks are my badge of honor!!!!! Uh...

(Calm down Becky. Breathe, breathe...good.)

From that blog I linked to Birth Story Diaries. I'm a sucker for birth stories. I'm such a sucker that I immediately head right to the most graphic stories, with photos, listed on the site.

...And that's why I've been a teary mess all morning. I shouldn't read birth stories before my coffee and my morning constitutional.

Time to go watch Discovery Health.


  1. I went over and checked your link to The Mama but think I'll pass on the others. Dinner plate size, huh. That young lady has a challenge coming up with her diet & health issues, and having three daughters all under the age of five will sure keep her busy. I am glad it is you young people who have little kids. But I do enjoy grandkids, although it is nice to be able to send them home after a proper amount of spoiling.

  2. Great, Absentminded...now I'm about to lose at least 30 minutes of time on those blasted sites...thanks.


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