Friday, September 29, 2006

Morning Minutia

My dumb gay cat is looking at me funny.

My baby has spread the contents of our video cabinets all over the floor.

There is clean folded laundry by the couch, in a basket. It's been sitting there for a week.

My house smells like fish and raspberries. Fish from last night's dinner, which was lovingly cooked for me and was delicious. Raspberry from a candle thingy I bought at the Hare Krishna yard sale in Spanish Fork, UT several years ago. They were raising money to build a temple which is now completed.

My coffee is cold.

There is a man with funny looking hair on The Price is Right. Wait, two men. Neither are Bob Barker.

I just burped.

I'm lusting over this new sewing machine which is on sale. Only $3000 down from $5000. The software to make your own embroidery designs for this machine only costs an extra $865!

My baby has his finger up his nose.

I like cheese.

My baby is attempting to molest the cat. It's only what the cat deserves.

Some people are just not that bright.

It took me an hour to write this post.


  1. I've always heard boogers are nutrional anyways...

    An hour? Hell, I can't type "geeez-us" in an hour.

  2. Maybe he thinks you are funny, or he is thinking of killing you. Cats are evil be careful! ;-)

    I thought that is what babies do?

    I just put mine on the floor so the cat has a place to sleep. Now I have to get a cat.

    You can sell that combo to the food network

    My taste burnt, wanna trade?

    Maybe that is what your cat is looking at?

    Better than the alternative

    You can put it in the closet with all the other stuff you stopped using just like we all do!

    boogers are fun!
    Give cheese to the baby see where the baby sticks it. I bet it is up the babies nose!

    Is that why your cat is looking at you funny? Maybe it thinks you should help him.

    Paid your electricity bill?

    It took me an hour to write this post.

  3. It is truly a slice of time. You bought Justin the camera for Father's Day, maybe he will buy you the sewing machine for (fill in the blank.)

  4. I wanna know which peole are not that bright.

  5. "My cat's breath smells like cat food."

  6. I want one of those embroidery thingies too...

    I doubt that I will ever own one.


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