Monday, September 25, 2006

"There and Back Again" by Wayne Newton


...was excellent.

I would have given you dear readers and other hangers on a full report this weekend but I was in a state of transition all over Utah.

It was Justin's 20th high school reunion. We got the invite long after I purchased Wayne Newton tickets. It was necessary that we go attend the homecoming festivities with all the rest of the old farts in Utah County. What this meant was that we drove in on Thursday evening, my parents and I drove back to Bendover on Friday morning to attend the concert that evening, then back to Utah county Saturday to attend the last of the reunion activities with Justin, then we drove home yesterday.

That's near 400 miles (out of 800 total) for Wayne Newton's benefit. I hope he's happy! Wayne has excellent hair. He sang "Mack the Knife"...sigh....he rolled his pelvis...oh sighhhh...

The reunion was pleasant, even though I mistook a dark salad dressing for gravy in the catered buffet line. (It had mushrooms in it!) It's awfully funny to see how different everyone's lives are when they are 38. Two were already grandparents while one of them brought along their week old baby. Spouses were in the age range between midtwenties and midfifties. Most had three kids, all of the same gender, which we attributed to some anomally in the water.

I got some good natured ribbing at the reunion for Wayne-trek. I swear they were just green with envy...or at least green from making the same salad dressing mistake I did.


  1. danke schein, darlin' danke schein.... thank you for...all the something or other.

    Mushrooms in the salad dressing, huh? Way to go.

    I make it a point never to go to reunions. I don't LIKE those people!


  2. I differ from Bo on reunions but do agree that they are more fun the farther you are from your school years. How were the potatos with salad dressing? It is fun to see who did what with their lives and at twenty years the differences really start to show up.

    How come there is only one blog post shown today and nothing in the way of a side bar? Did you go to that Blogger Beta or something?

  3. I'd drive that far to see Mr's Danke Shoen. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  4. Oh damn, now I have Mack the Knife stuck in my head AND the end of my feather boa has somehow ended up in my drink. Thank Maude for Wayne and his magnificently solid hair.

  5. Hey Becky,
    sounds like a great weekend. Great that you left to see WAyne and then went back...he's rolling his hips, yikes, is that legal at his age? I know I'm missig something here...


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