Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tickle me Chimpy

"... And some things that should not have been forgotten...were lost. History became legend...legend became myth and for two and a half thousand years the Ring passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer!

My precious..."

--Lord of the Rings

I've done been memed by The Precious. Long ages have passed, and much deep housecleaning, in which I have tamed the dust bunnies under my bed and the cobwebs on my ceiling fans. The meme was forgotten. The meme serves one master and she has her eye on me and Dubya too.

With much ado...


1. I'm particular about what pen I use to write with. I'm very sensory that way! I buy boxes of Pilot precise V5 rolling ball pens at Sam's Club. When people steal my pens I get perturbed. I also hold my pens and pencils wrong.

2. I'm the worst coffee reheater. I should make smaller pots of coffee so it will be fresh but I don't.

3. I like to keep my armpits hair free but I'm not so concerned about my legs. I'm the absent minded sasquatch. I have a lot of leg and dammit, it's just time consuming!

4. I tend to touch my own boobs a lot just to check if they are there. Sometimes I find my missing Pilot pens.

5. If the towels aren't folded the right way I get miffy.

6. When I go to do the laundry I find bliss in huffing the Tide fumes. Just recently I've discovered the joys of not buying detergent in a bucket. I kind of miss getting a free bucket though. That's OK, sniff the Tide, forget the wanton bucket yearnings.

I'm tagging George W. Bush for this meme.


Yesterday the powers that be unleashed the new Tickle Me Elmo on the world. I saw Elmo in action on the news and was delighted. It's quite adorable! I want one...uh...I mean I want to buy my baby one!

I went to place my order with Amazon, for Christmas...yeah Christmas...for the baby. I quickly decided against it. That whore Elmo was priced at $160 yesterday! Today they are gone! The Toys R Us website lists them at $40 but, of course, they are temporarily unavailable. On Ebay they are selling for anywhere from $70 to $120.

On the streets I can buy a tickle for $20 bucks.


  1. Saw it yesterday as well. I also will not spend that much on it. My boy will learn disappointment at a young age.

  2. Where do we go to check W's meme response? Elmos always seem to be popular, especially when they are new. I'll bet you could ask Justin tonight & get a tickle for a lot less than 20 bucks and have more fun after it, too.

  3. I think those pilot v5 pens are the best out there. I remember being amazed the first time I used one.

  4. Miffy...?
    I think that's preferable to whiffy... which you would be if you didn't use the divine Tide and keep those pits hair free.
    I'm a Zebra Sarasa pen user myself... black or mahogany ink and I'll chew your hand off if you steal 'em.

  5. Oh, I almsot forgot ! Next time you do a pirate post and you want that extra kick of authenticity, check out for some really good pirate terminology. Arrgghh !

    David (misplaced transplant from San Diego now from PROVO ! argghh ! )

  6. Great graphic:) I felt like a geek just because I knew where Sauran's eye came from....

    Here via blog explosion

    My Blog

  7. I was hoping for a response that revealed the evil in your soul!

    I'm partial to pilot extra fine precise grip pens but I tend to lose them in the car.


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