Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Genetic Valtrex

My husband and I are particularly frustrated with certain aspects of parenting lately. When you consider the consequences of the sexual act after the fact...sometimes you think you'd rather choose herpes than conception.

I have a large genital wart with his own bedroom.

Hopefully, unlike genital warts or herpes, this too shall pass.

P.S. Do NOT go googling for an image to illustrate your post using the search term "herpes" or "genital warts". Trust me on this.


  1. I love the "a dumb gay cat" in your side bar. LOL.

    Yeah, who wants to google genital warts or herpes- yuck!!

  2. How old is your wart? Mine is 11

  3. I'm guessing the wart you are refering to is your near teenager. They are a real challenge especially at that age. He will grow up and eventually leave and then you will miss him. It is true that about the time you really enjoy having them around & doing things together, is about when they leave to start their own lives. There are times that raising him will be a challenge but try to have as much fun as you can with him as it will eventually end.

    I will google other things than "herpes", etc.

    Thank you for returning the French Maid costume to your profile photo. It is what I think is the most endearing of your creations and something any lady as cute as you would like to have for a Halloween costume. Folks, if you are interested, click on her link to her costume company, Going Ape Costume, in the side bar.

  4. LOL, and I just returned to the photo of the boobs...

  5. I too think the wart must be one of the children.

    Each stage of motherhood, and childhood, has its own issues. In your terms, warts, farts and all. But thankfully, everything changes!

  6. Yes, this too shall pass.

    The question is: will he be alive or dead when it does?


  7. Oh my god, sometimes you make me laugh so hard I almost pee myself (add that to the list of reasons not to have kids) (kidding.) (sort of.)
    sigh. Seriously I read you and I don't feel alone in my chaotic kid induced fun size hell. Thanks Becky. ;)

  8. Yikes, this took me two read-throughs to get. Now I get it. Not the genital warts... I just get what yer talking about. Somedays I am sooooo slow!

  9. I think this "wart" is getting a home made halloween costume this year.


  10. My oldest wart is 20 and shaves!


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