Friday, October 06, 2006


When I opened the door to my van this morning, so I could take my kid to school, I was greeted a thick wave of french fry scented van air. At that moment I thought it would be interesting to write about the smells of motherhood for my readers and other hangers on to enjoy.

Two seconds later I realized that writing about the smell of Desitin would be as dull as..well...powder. How many smelly tuna noodle casserole jokes can a person make in one post? smelly tuna noodle casserole joke.

My 7 year old son came innocently to my rescue. He told me this morning, after the french fry van air had dissipated somewhat, this little endearment:

"Mom, I wish you would never get old."

Son, I wish that too but that's just not the way things work around here. He furthered this idea with:

"Eating makes you get old."

I honestly don't know how he made this leap. I haven't made any tuna noodle casseroles lately. (Two!)

I asked him, "Should I stop eating?"

He replied with a short no.

I asked him, "What would happen if I stopped eating so I wouldn't get old?"

"You'd DIE!"

Aging problem solved. French fry van air still lingering.


I made it onto 25 peeps. Keep me on and click this stinkin' link right HERE! (Or the one in my sidebar. I'm not picky.)


  1. Congratulations on your Peeping! It looks like you are in good company. Now maybe you need to make a Little Bo Peep costume & model it for your profile photo?

    Kids learn by asking questions but sometimes you can only wonder where they come from. Maybe that is the time to tell him that eating RIGHT helps keep a person from getting old too fast. Eat those vegies.

  2. I have had to add you to my World of Blogs page at squidoo. How could I not?

  3. Well, I went...but what do I do once I get there??

    I'm a moron.

    Did you find the french fry??

  4. Queenie
    As well you should...

    You are not a moron! My picture got pushed off the peeps list late Sunday. I was sad.

  5. Kids are weird. My 6-year-old plans to continue living with his parents forever. I pointed out that when he's an old, old man, like 90, we'll be gone because nobody lives to be 125 years old. He said he'd make sure he died when we died so he wouldn't be alone! I told him he should stick around for the sake of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren...


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